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Day 242; Footnotes and Photo Evidence of Wonders of the Sea

Sorry for the bad photography, the camera on my phone is obviously mediocre at best but these do give one somewhat of an idea of the magic.

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Day 231; Footnotes of Simple Pleasures

It was that close.  My son introduced me to a friend of his who is the wife of a man who once worked with him. They are members of the Jeep group that I joined and were the first friends … Continue reading

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August Second; If I Could Request the Gift of..

I want to understand. I do. It seems that we are living in a time of great and easy availability of information, but there is still so little understanding. I won’t claim to understand everything going on around the world, … Continue reading

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Day 172; Footnotes of an Ordinary, Boring, Cookie Cutter Type Blessing

 I’m sitting here listening to the wind blowing outside, I know a cold front is coming. Well, cooler anyway. Instead of being in the nineties, its supposed to be in the eighties, Fahrenheit that is. The wind has been blowing … Continue reading

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Day169; Footnotes of A Feeling

Maybe, just maybe, it was residual feelings left over from the dream of my late husband. Maybe not. Maybe it was from lack of sleep last night. Maybe, it is any number of reasons but what ever it was, it … Continue reading

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Day 129; Footnotes of Vroom Baby

Well, I…am…exhausted. We left the house a little after eleven this morning and just moments ago – 10PM- got back. My son convinced me to go on a little adventure. The NASCAR race at Darlington, South Carolina. What was I … Continue reading

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May Ninth; Considering the Day I Thought I Would Never Celebrate

I need to call mom and tell her that her gift didn’t arrive. According to tracking it is “in transit”. The last location was a site not that far from here, a few towns over. That was just after 1AM … Continue reading

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April Second; Thoughts on Good Friday and Sacrifice

 The Wind Chimes are being played by a left over Winter wind. My phone moments ago announced that we were under a freeze warning again tonight. Please let this be Winter’s last hurrah as she exits stage left and Spring … Continue reading

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February Twenty-third; Shifting of the Words and Taking Delight in the Doing

Morning has long broken over the woods here on the Dirt Road. The sunlight gloriously shining down from a crystal clear sky, creating diamond like sparkles off the dampened leaves, I have still yet to rake. The shadows stretching outward … Continue reading

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Celebrating …..My Son’s Birthday

 So he may not like this, he tends to be a private person. His online activity is very limited and to my knowledge, he has no social media accounts. Well, none of the usual ones anyway. But it is, today … Continue reading

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