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Day 258; Footnotes Thoughts on Love Like Lauren and Jeep Show and Shine

If you know me, if you have read some of the things I share…you know I am not one to just jump in the car and go. Once upon a time I did. Once upon a time I felt braver. … Continue reading

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Day 257; Footnotes of Crash, Bang, Duck

If I were a cat. I would have lost about three in the very least two, of my nine lives today.  I heard the crash, I went running and thankfully no one was hurt. Shook up, shaking, upset, but not … Continue reading

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Day 205; Footnotes of A Big Deal For Me.

Have you ever wanted so badly to do something, but were afraid? The pesky what if’s running rampant in your mind. Making you physically ill, trembling badly and wanting only to turn and run. But when and if you do, … Continue reading

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a request, a challenge, a bit of information.

While this particular blog is more personal, I am working on a more informational blog dealing with why one should know and consume the colors of their food..that I hope to post soon. Until then, here is this: Check this … Continue reading

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