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January Twenty Fourth Thoughts on Feeding

Rebecca’s cat cafe is open..I guess word is spreading. My mother mentioned seeing “my” orange cat this morning. Her description didn’t seem to fit but I wasn’t arguing. Turns out, we have a second orange cat now. It did arrive … Continue reading

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October Thirtieth; No Need to Fear

Finally. This morning I went out to feed the now not so stray cats. Itty Bitty has been with us for months now but was still keeping her distance. She would watch as the half grown kittens would come close … Continue reading

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August Fifteenth; In This My Month of Birth, If I Could Ask For a Gift, I Would Request…

Food Not only food for the body, though that is important. It is well known that too many in this world go hungry. Yes, even here in one of the major players in the world scene. People are going hungry. … Continue reading

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Uninterrupted Hunger

I fed the not so stray cats early this morning. I knew I was going to be leaving to go pick beans, and they were out there so I fed them.  Then after I had eaten, I went to pick … Continue reading

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February Second, Thinking of Tenderness in a New Way

 Ground hog day, in a sense, hasn’t every day for the last year been ground hog’s day? Just as in the movie, we face the same over and over again? The same arguments, the same battles, the same fears?  Yesterday, … Continue reading

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