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November Thirtieth; Living Life and Making Memories

Another one bites the dust, into our memories it goes. Good-bye November, today is your last day of this year. You have been a good month. I started to add, if such a things exists now, but yes, it does. … Continue reading

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Day 187; Footnotes of Considerations and Contemplations

Contemplations and considerations.  I guess I will find out if that freezing tomatoes will actually work or not as I froze nearly all I had in the house. I didn’t want to waste them as I have in the past. … Continue reading

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June Fourteenth; Are You Brave Enough to Battle Dragons?

Are you brave?Not the run into burning buildings, face an angry mob, or even jump from a perfectly good plane brave, but every day brave. The brave it takes to face every day with all you have and as the … Continue reading

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April Twenty-fourth; What is Wrong With Me?

Empathic much? As a youth, when going to spend time at my paternal grandmother’s on Sundays for lunch, I could sit in the living room, and feel so absolutely alone. This was my family, but I didn’t fit. I could … Continue reading

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Day 366; Footnotes of emotions

  Right before Christmas I put new batteries in six candles. Only one is left working. I had a couple strands of solar lights that I brought inside today. When they came on earlier, one only worked a few moments, … Continue reading

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