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How Rude and Yet..Not

True story from yesterday. My mother’s dog was due for her rabies shot. The appointment was at two in the afternoon. Mom deliberately made it for that time because she knows I have become that person who doesn’t really get … Continue reading

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January Twentieth; A Totally Different World

“What are you going to do today?” ┬áNearly every time I hear that question it doesn’t matter what I was going to do, those plans were just changed. Today mom and I will be returning to the big box store … Continue reading

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January Nineteenth Driver For The Day

My day started around three this morning. I awoke from a somewhat sound sleep and only dozed a bit after that until a few minutes after seven when I gave up and got up. I hate nights like that, but … Continue reading

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August Fifteenth; In This My Month of Birth, If I Could Ask For a Gift, I Would Request…

Food Not only food for the body, though that is important. It is well known that too many in this world go hungry. Yes, even here in one of the major players in the world scene. People are going hungry. … Continue reading

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