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September Tenth; My Thoughts on Darlington and NASCAR. Trying to Explain The Lady In Black

“Drivers…start your engines!!” On Sunday, Sept. fifth, my son took me to the Darlington Raceway to see the Cookout Southern 500. This was the first race of the playoffs. At the “Track too tough to be tamed.” also known as … Continue reading

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´┐╝´┐╝September Seventh; Looking Back-Day Two of Darlington and Schmoozing With Drivers

Sleeping in a box in a box. Saturday morning of our camping adventure I awoke realizing the most horrible of things. I had instant coffee, I usually drink brewed but instant is easier in the camper. I had cream, we … Continue reading

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Day 109; Footnotes of Sure Dad

My dad will be 92 years old his birthday, should the Lord so will. My dad, bless his heart, gets these odd ideas in his head and will not…absolutely will not let them go. They roll around in his head … Continue reading

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