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Day 197; Footnotes of Laughter Byproduct of Happiness Found in the Lord.

 I told my son earlier, that I thought I was laughing more. He didn’t see it, but then the me he sees most is usually the one in the middle of one crisis or other. Still having to be taught … Continue reading

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May Sixth; Walls-Windows and Doors oh my

A wall is a wall is a…window? Let’s take a visit down the rabbit hole and take a look around. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/wall < definition of wall. As if by now we haven’t all learned all we need to know and more … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fourth; What does all That Have to do With Signs?

Endings are hard. But with every ending, there is a new beginning. I think that endings happen, because that time is done, and it has to move out of the way for what is coming. There is a line in … Continue reading

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Necessity and Cold, The Mother of Invention

 People do laugh with and at me when I talk about being cold. I have always had a very low tolerance for cool temperatures. I remember days as a teenager wrapped in a blanket and sitting over the heat vent … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; What’s Behind the Door?

What’s behind the door? Which door? The door to memories.  A place set aside, residing in mind and heart. Large in its expanse, with doors lined at times evenly others in random spaces. Evoking thoughts of a comedy with a … Continue reading

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