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August Tenth; If I Could Ask For a Gift, In This My Month Of Birth

It would be ability. I have been sitting here for the last four hours attempting this. I’ve had false starts aplenty. I have thought of and rejected many ideas. I have saved and I have deleted because nothing felt right. … Continue reading

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July Eleventh, Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

 I was sitting here letting my thoughts run through all the things I may have regretful feelings for, and there are plenty. A few are things I wish that I had not done, knowing life would have definitely gone differently … Continue reading

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Day 327; Footnotes of There’s No Place Like Home

 So yes, I am watching Dorothy’s adventure. How could one not? Here we have a Kansas girl who finds herself in a strange land filled with unique inhabitants. Making friends with a few misfits on her journey and quest to … Continue reading

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