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This Health Journey Chronicles

The journey begins. I saw on the blood test results that my cholesterol levels are high. The numbers show 274 when it should be under 200, the LDL at 185 when it should be under 100. Obviously they want to … Continue reading

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Doggy Doctor Visit Means Doggy Diet

The things we do for the non-human members of our family. I schedule vet appointments for both of my dogs at the same time on days when my son can go with me and help. Our sweet Molly is terrified … Continue reading

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November Seventeenth: To Sleep or Not to Sleep, The Issues Abound Even as I Remain Thankful

Interrupted sleep. I’m sitting here, watching through the windows as the leaves outside fall like rain. Then again, maybe more like snow since they are covering the ground and getting deeper by the moment. While at the moment the various … Continue reading

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July Twenty-ninth; Depression Doesn’t Discriminate

Some days can be a struggle. I am long overdue for a trip to hike the mountain, but today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the summer. I could probably handle it, as long as I … Continue reading

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Day 154; Footnotes of Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic… the real, and the imagined..or is it? Magic Bullet blender.. Years ago I ran across a sale and bought two. One for my now late husband to take with him on his truck in the hopes it would help … Continue reading

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Day 120; Footnotes of Work in Progress

It isn’t just hikes up a mountainside. I’m trying to be healthy. Well, healthier. Winter made me lazy even though I’ve been told that we don’t have a winter. And we don’t. Not like some places, but I have zero … Continue reading

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Day Thirty-nine; Footnotes of Adjustments

First off, (yeah, I’m slow sometimes) it has dawned on me that when I post this on the WordPress site, it will be dated for the ninth, which technically will make it day forty. But, when this posts to my … Continue reading

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January Twenty-seventh; A New Diet

Yes, I did. I used a four letter word. And that four letter word can to some, be just as ugly as any curse word. Especially if it is tossed at us from someone else and not one of our … Continue reading

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and the results are………

  March thirty-first, a Monday, the last day of the month, the first day of the week and the day I had my latest yearly mammogram. My annual get nervous, pray for good news, stay calm outside while inside is … Continue reading

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