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Day 223; Footnotes of Facing Challenges and Becoming Qualified

He is doing it on purpose. Before my husband died, I refused to go inside a restaurant or drive through to place an order. I hated it, I had weird phobias about it, I wouldn’t go. if they waited on … Continue reading

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August Eighth of the Year 2021; If I Could ask for a Gift In This my Month of Birth

Courage. I would ask for courage to stand up against the things that I see that are wrong. To stand with those already on the front lines, standing with determination and strength. To stand with those, who have educated themselves … Continue reading

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Day 205; Footnotes of A Big Deal For Me.

Have you ever wanted so badly to do something, but were afraid? The pesky what if’s running rampant in your mind. Making you physically ill, trembling badly and wanting only to turn and run. But when and if you do, … Continue reading

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Day 190; Footnotes of a Joyful Noise

 I wish that there was a way that I could share my night. The edge of the storm that we got earlier, that cooled things down, has definitely got the crickets and other inhabitants of the night in a joyful … Continue reading

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Day 185; Footnotes of Boom Baby aka Fear is a Demon

I stayed home all day, only leaving the house to walk in my little circle. I had no need nor intention of going anywhere. Then my son and I were invited over to a friend’s house. We got ready and … Continue reading

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May Twenty-seventh; Strong Fences, Make

I’m sitting here waiting on mom’s morning call and listening to one of the kids across the dirt road calling their dog. They’ve been out there for the last fifteen minutes or so calling. I know that it hasn’t come … Continue reading

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May Fifteenth; The Armed Forces We Build

I’m sitting here watching one of the not so stray cats stare at me through the window. I wonder what they are thinking when they do that. I can be sitting here like now, enjoying my coffee, scrolling down through … Continue reading

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Day 122; Footnotes of Come On Mom

Its been long enough mom. I do believe it is time to partake in something that is over a year overdue. Before the virus made itself known, mom and I would go out every Sunday afternoon for a bit of … Continue reading

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April Fifteenth; Be Brave

What does it mean to be brave? The definition is readily available; https://www.dictionary.com/browse/brave  but does this go far enough? What about we go one step further, https://www.dictionary.com/browse/courage. Are some people born with a more innate inclination to be brave? Does their … Continue reading

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Another Look at Curious

 Before my husband died, a cat had kittens in our storage building. It was February and I feared the kittens wouldn’t survive the cold. We brought them inside and created a place in the house for mom and babies. Obviously … Continue reading

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