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October Ninth; Fear the Fear

I’m watching the sun playing peek-a-boo in and out of the clouds while the trees sway in some slow dance with the winds. Once all the clouds have cleared the rest of the day is supposed to be nice. At … Continue reading

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September Twenty-sixth; Seeking Discernment and Truth

Seasonal. Allergy season. And I wasn’t prepared. I went absolutely nowhere yesterday, the only time I went outside was to check the mail. That in itself was odd. I watched the mail jeep pull up to my mailbox, stop and … Continue reading

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June Twenty-third; Distract, Distracted, Distraction, Determination

As a teenager, I had a plan. I was going to be an award winning author. My works were going to be so good and so well received that I would have walls of awards and symbols of recognition. I … Continue reading

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Thoughtful walking and Falling Down Rabbit Holes of Possibilities and Questions

Bella and I did go hike the mountain. On the way up, we didn’t pass many people. There was this one middle age couple where the man took one look at Bella and said, “That dog looks tired already” he … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fifth; Muddy Puddles

┬áThe sky is not pretty this morning. I’m looking out the window while waiting on mom to call, and wondering what I will get done today. Will I continue with yard work, or go hike the mountain? ? In all … Continue reading

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Comparing One With the Other, the Similarities and Differences

In a recent conversation about truth and lies, a comment was made that set me to thinking. I have a good friend who is on a quest for truth. We have heard many discussions on politics and how corrupt it … Continue reading

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December Third; If I could give a Gift

I have reached a point where I scan headlines, only reading enough of an article to see if it is actually informative, or fear mongering. I seek real understanding and not sensationalism. Something becoming more and more difficult to find. … Continue reading

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