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February Twenty-seventh; Thoughts on The Ripples That Should Concern us All

He asked, “Why should we worry about what is going on so far away?” (Link heavy) I tried to explain as best I could, in as condensed a version that still carried the full reason as possible. He has a … Continue reading

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Day one; Footnotes Vignettes of the Day, Prayers For the Night

And so it has begun. This first day of the new year is working its way toward being over. It has not been boring, though it did not go as I had hoped and planned. But then, it is those … Continue reading

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After Midnight

I’m sitting here, as I have done many nights. Procrastinating in going to bed. And I’m not sure why. I don’t have a set schedule. I don’t have a job that I have to get up and get ready for. … Continue reading

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Day158; Footnotes of One Long Week, Mom’s Never Stop Being Mom

As I start this, I am waiting on my son to get home. He’s been gone on an adventure for the last week, but he’s currently on his way home. I’m hoping that he doesn’t run into the storm that … Continue reading

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Night Time is the Right Time for Over Thinking and Over Worrying

  If my mother taught me anything, she taught me how to worry, and over think too much. My son has made the comment that I have since over come the master. And no, you’re right, he didn’t mean it … Continue reading

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Friday the Thirteenth; Superstitious Much?

Yes, it is, it is Friday the thirteenth in the year 2020.What could possibly go wrong? Bothered much? We have faced so much this year that a Friday the thirteenth tossed into the mix really shouldn’t concern us. But, what does … Continue reading

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October Fourteenth in the year of don’t ask what’s next

I’m sitting here, enjoying my coffee and the display of bright sunlight as it fills the woods. From here I can see the contrasting light and darkness and watch the leaves spiraling downward. No longer those deep shades of green, … Continue reading

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