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Day 215; Footnotes, The Sounds of a Peaceful Night

The not so stray cats were not happy with me this morning. When I got up this morning it was raining. I didn’t see any of the cats out back and I wasn’t going to put anything out while it … Continue reading

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Um….say what?

 Here I am just back from a visit to the rabbit hole. This time though I found this interesting side tunnel dealing with philosophy.Now, while I love research, most of what I have done recently is surface level stuff.  The … Continue reading

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November Twenty-eighth; What Small Thing Happened Today, For Which I am Thankful? Seeds.

Oh wait, did I give it away? Maybe. Maybe not.  We all know the purpose of a seed. You plant in in soil, whether in a planter or directly in the ground and something grows. Whether it is vegetables, flowers, … Continue reading

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