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Wake up Call

Molly woke me this morning around six with her barking. I figured she needed to go outside since they came in early last night due to the storms. Just over half awake I make my way to this room where … Continue reading

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Just a Thought or..Is Common Sense Really Extinct

The following was something I shared on social media back in 2012. Bought a “device” last night that contained this listing– WARNING: To reduce risk of serious injury, read the following important precautions before using this product. ICON assumes no … Continue reading

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Footnotes of Day Four, Let the Weirdness Commence

 It started out normal enough, mom needing a ride to the bank and then that big box store. My son rode along so I’d take him by a fast food place for lunch. As long as I got a free … Continue reading

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   I………am……….angry. I am very angry and upset. I just spent three hours working in my yard partly trying to work off some of the anger I am feeling. I simply cannot comprehend the thought process of some people- if … Continue reading

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