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August Twelfth; In This My Month of Birth, if I Could Ask For a Gift, It Would Be..

 Calm I would ask for calm in the storm. One of the worst of nature’s storms I have ever faced, was Hurricane Hugo. I realize that there are those who have had worse. Those living on the coast when and … Continue reading

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Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

I looked outside earlier today to see pink towers across the road at one of the apartments. Unsure what I was looking at I moved out onto the porch so I could change my line of vision. It was an … Continue reading

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May twelfth; During that Moment of Fear

Between the rain falling outside, the darkness created by the clouds, Molly waking me through the night, and my scare, I’m exhausted and sleepy. Yep, one of those nights. I knew Molly was a bit antsy when I closed her in … Continue reading

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The Unseen

The wind is making itself known today. The trees are alternating between calm and fairly still to doing an almost frenzied dance when the wind comes through. I thought earlier that it may be an approaching storm, but instead it … Continue reading

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April First; Considering Laughter (part one)

 What is that sound? A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling down through social media and something a friend had posted caught my attention. A simple pun, but cute and funny and I laughed, then scrolled on along.  I … Continue reading

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February Fifteenth; Thoughts on Appreciation

 Yet another morning with a sky that blank grey color that gives the woods behind the house that feeling of the forest in the Wizard of Oz right before the flying monkey attack. We’ve had so much rain everything is … Continue reading

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February Fifth; Attachment in Many Forms

 I was talking with my son last night about the feral cats I’ve been feeding. There is one with a mostly white face that is absolutely adorable. I told him that it actually came out of hiding and stood watching … Continue reading

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December Twenty-sixth; If I Could Give a Gift

 Holidays are hard for many.  They have been hard on my mother since her parents passed on to their Heavenly home. Her mother taught her the importance of family and they were so very close. I have to readily and … Continue reading

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