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Day 230; Footnotes of a Day When I Don’t Get What I Want

I wish I had some chocolate ice cream. Not just plain chocolate, but with added extras, like mint or chocolate chunks. Something rich and yummy. Something I could drown in chocolate syrup. But, I don’t and I’m not going out … Continue reading

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February Twelfth; Considering Liking

I have grown to like this current lifestyle, somewhat. I get up, I make coffee, I sit here watching the sky light up in the morning and I awaken slowly. I can go about my day at my own pace. I’m … Continue reading

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Day 324; Footnotes of a Kinda But Not Quite Failed Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…shop for toys for tots. I was given a monetary donation today for the Toys for Tots campaign the Jeepin’ group I belong to is holding. Due to their work hours, they couldn’t … Continue reading

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