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Day 182; Footnotes of Tossing Out the Old

I managed to move most of the stuff that I took out of the massive head of my bed, back today. As a reminder, the headboard of my bed is one of those monster things  with cabinets on either side … Continue reading

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May Twenty-sixth; Clearing the Clutter

 This room, was at one time a disaster. I have photo proof. Not that I am proud of the mess, but it shows how far one can come. For a long time, this room was used for two purposes. My … Continue reading

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May Thirteenth; What is The State of Your Kitchen?

I missed a word yesterday. I meant to go back to it, but then the issues with my son trying to get gas sidelined me again. That one did, I will be upfront and honestly admit, to sending me into … Continue reading

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March Nineteenth; Considering Clean

 I’m sitting here enjoying my usual coffee and listening to the wind chimes hanging on my front porch. The breeze is playing a gentle tune this morning. The sky is again a deep grey overcast, giving the appearance of waiting … Continue reading

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March fifth; Thoughts on Cleaning and Being Cleansed

 Part of me is thinking I will be glad when my son gets his car fully repaired as I can then go back to enjoying the peace of my mornings and dragging my feet on moving into the day. Granted … Continue reading

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