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A Tourist of Life

That inner tourist, from a different perspective. I have lived for most of my life in the same area. I currently live in the house I grew up in, on a dead end dirt road out in a  rural area. … Continue reading

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September Thirteenth; One More

One more….I watched a movie on Youtube that I had kept seeing previews for on social media. I remember seeing them back when the movie first came out and was curious then, but had not seen it until now. The … Continue reading

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Day Sixty-three; Footnotes on Lessons from a Butterfly- part 2

  I wrote part one this morning, fully intending to get back and do part 2 way before now. But then I took a hike, got into a long conversation with mom as soon as I got home, and then … Continue reading

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December Seventeenth; If I Could Give a Gift

When you look outside and the sky is dark, you understand it to be night. When it is grey, it may rain. By sight you understand. The obvious physical things, help us to comprehend life around us. Flowers blooming mean … Continue reading

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Day 343; Footnotes of Seeking the Reason for the Season

  How, does one find good, with all that is going on around us?  The pandemic that has gone on for most of the year and refuses to let up. Lives have been lost. Way too often we are seeing … Continue reading

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Day three of finding the Reason for the Season

 There are times, when things of life get in the way, or distract us, or in some way prevents us from doing the things we have planned. But, a slight detour is okay, as long as we don’t allow it … Continue reading

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Day 333; Footnotes of Another Saturday Night at Home. Alone but not Lonely

I’m sitting here, its not quite nine at night. The dogs are inside and have already made themselves comfortable. Molly in her chair and Bella stretched out near my feet. Dinner is long out of the way and I’ve almost … Continue reading

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