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Day Nine; Footnotes of Today and Removing the Excess

 My son purchased a metal shelving unit for me so I could get those stacks of books back safely in place. They had been stacked on my desk and in the floor since the shelving had collapsed sending them crashing … Continue reading

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Day 290; Footnotes of Change, Can BE Amazing

Time to adjust. I received a test message last night asking if I could help in the nursery today at church. The lady scheduled wasn’t going to be able to for what ever reason. I didn’t ask, I just confirmed … Continue reading

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September Sixteenth; Oh, Hey Self, Take a Memo

Note to self…remember to write those notes to self.  ? Yesterday I was sitting here before my computer and ran across something that flipped that light bulb, great idea for a write switch. I should make a note.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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July Twenty-fifth; Change is Not Easy, But oh the Rewards

 Change is in the air? Process? Attitude?   Last night at the Relay for Life event, I saw friends that I have not seen in quite a while. It felt so good seeing and talking with them. We were given the … Continue reading

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June Twenty-fifth; Growing Through and Because of Those Wonky Times

Well today started out a bit wonky. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/wonky I awoke to the bright light of morning slipping in between the blinds over my windows. It was mere moments after seven which is around the time I usually awaken. That wasn’t … Continue reading

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May Twenty-sixth; Clearing the Clutter

 This room, was at one time a disaster. I have photo proof. Not that I am proud of the mess, but it shows how far one can come. For a long time, this room was used for two purposes. My … Continue reading

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March Twenty-seventh; If I Had Only Known the Change That Was Coming

 Today is an anniversary of sorts. This time last year, I was working my last day as an employee for a company I had given over thirty- four years of my life. I was four months shy of a thirty … Continue reading

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Day 73; Footnotes of a Slow Day

 Physically today was a slow, easy day.  I would look out the window and watch the cats chase bees or think of how I ought to go try to take some photos of the trees that are blooming, but I … Continue reading

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March Ninth; The Seasons are Changing

 I’m sitting here looking at the sun rising over the trees, and a coffee cup closing in on empty once again. As my son was leaving for work earlier, he was moodily complaining that it was thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit but … Continue reading

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Day Sixty-three; Footnotes on Lessons from a Butterfly- part 2

  I wrote part one this morning, fully intending to get back and do part 2 way before now. But then I took a hike, got into a long conversation with mom as soon as I got home, and then … Continue reading

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