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Day 212; Footnotes When the Ants Taught me to Dance And Other Painful Lessons

Strange things happen from time to time. Incident One-I was minding my own business, and the business of everyone else across the world wide web when my dogs decided to raise a ruckus outside. I walked over to the door … Continue reading

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Day 94; Footnotes of Chasing Butterfly; Contemplating Reflections and Change

I’m not happy. I think my camera has shuttered its last shot. I love that camera and have used it more than any other camera I’ve ever owned. Even my 35mm cameras, the ones tucked away unused, never handled as … Continue reading

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Day 80; Footnotes of- and so it Begins

I sat here, daydreaming. Staring out the window and watching the cats and the sky. Finally growing weary and suffering from a severe case of cabin fever I grabbed a sweatshirt and headed outside. Here are a few example of … Continue reading

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Day 334; Footnotes of a Hike, in Search of Color

¬†I had to remind myself that it is the end of November. ¬†Yesterday as I was leaving out, I noticed I had roses blooming. As I drove farther up the road I noticed that a neighbor’s Iris were blooming. Spring … Continue reading

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