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Day 300; Footnotes of What Do I Fear…Human…

Monsters As a youth, due to a ‘joke’ played on me by a friend, I developed a fear of the dark. Actually, it was a fear of going to sleep, terrified that I would not wake up. Many years later … Continue reading

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August Fourth (2021); If I Could Ask For A Gift

How can I say this, that won’t get me in trouble? Be aware…there are many possible trigger points within this write. Homelessness, addiction, abuse, suicidal, hunger, religion. I want, to be hungry. Not so much for physical food, though that … Continue reading

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Day156; Footnotes of Taking Out the Trash

My son is not going to be happy. I’ve been doing some cleaning. Stuff that had no purpose and simply needed to be thrown away. All of their usefulness long worn away. All of those old papers that had piled … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. What  lie. What a serious, misinformed lie. Maybe, there was a time when people were stronger, but I find it difficult to believe that there is no … Continue reading

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Unique is Different and special, not weird kinda blog

Life is not easy. When one travels a narrow road, remaining true to themselves, remaining strong in who they are-worlds are changed.   Being different.   There are many sayings about being yourself, everyone is an individual, we are all … Continue reading

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