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December Thirty-first, Looking Back With Realization

I’m sitting here once again, alternating between watching the sun play hide and seek behind the clouds and the cats playing out back. Slash the cat is back this morning and he was starving. I’m also contemplating this past year … Continue reading

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August Eighth of the Year 2021; If I Could ask for a Gift In This my Month of Birth

Courage. I would ask for courage to stand up against the things that I see that are wrong. To stand with those already on the front lines, standing with determination and strength. To stand with those, who have educated themselves … Continue reading

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July Twenty-sixth; Worry not over the Unknown, but Live the Known.

Until you try, until you reach a point of no choice, your capabilities are unknown. There are many times in my life where I was put into a situation of facing unknowns. I am a person who has become attached … Continue reading

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July Twenty-third; If Our Days Were Photographs.

It wasn’t the best of nights, it wasn’t the worst of nights. I woke several times during the night, but not so much due to the pain in my jaw from the tooth extraction. It was one of those nights … Continue reading

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April Twenty-eighth; Anxiety is Not Your Friend, or Is It?

What a morning for this to be the word of the day. As my son was preparing to leave for work he told me they were having a group meeting around nine. Have fun, don’t hurt anyone, see ya maybe … Continue reading

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April Fifteenth; Be Brave

What does it mean to be brave? The definition is readily available; https://www.dictionary.com/browse/brave  but does this go far enough? What about we go one step further, https://www.dictionary.com/browse/courage. Are some people born with a more innate inclination to be brave? Does their … Continue reading

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March Sixth; The Sunshine

 I did not have to give my son a ride to work this morning, he happily drove his now repaired car. The morning began overcast and slightly depressing.  As I scrolled through the blog notifications, I enjoyed my coffee and … Continue reading

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November First; Reflections on a Rainy Morning

 I’m sitting here listening to the rain falling gently outside my windows. The colors that remain in the woods drawing my attention. There is a young squirrel wandering around my backyard, searching for acorns under the leaves. Ever so often, … Continue reading

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October Twenty-seventh, Considering Courage

What exactly is courage? Is it an act, a feeling, a concept? Is it all that and more? I went searching for a quote to respond to the questions, and I found the following. This quote, is for me. When … Continue reading

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