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Day Forty-Three; Footnotes Yet Another Busy, Fun Day

Well this has been a day. And I am one tired puppy. But, everything actually went very well. I took mine and my son’s tax papers and dropped them off this morning. On the way back I stopped by the … Continue reading

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February Third; Thoughts on Books and Opinions

Banning or burning? It began raining before I went to bed last night. A very light drizzle that I could hear striking the leaves when I went out to get a piece of wood for the fire in the wood … Continue reading

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January Thirty One; Footnotes; Yes, You Can

I’ve sat here scrolling through social media and seeing ads for the same thing over and over. Algorithms maybe, or maybe not. I was told almost two years ago now that I needed to write a book. They felt that … Continue reading

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January Fifth; Best Laid Plans and Late Bloomers

Which was having none, or so I thought. I watched my son leave for work this morning as I poured a cup of coffee. Today, I had nowhere I needed to be. I was going to sit here enjoying my … Continue reading

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Day 274; Footnotes of, Just One of Those Days

 I’ve been trying to get my email notifications caught up, not a chance this side of anywhere in that happening. I’ve been working on it for the last couple of hours and still have 844 email notifications mostly from WordPress. … Continue reading

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Day157; Footnotes of Fate? And Tomorrow it Begins.

It felt wonderful! It was a homecoming of sorts, and the building was filled with people. Today, on what would have been my late husband’s birthday, we finally were back in the church. We had Bible studies, and we had … Continue reading

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June Fourth ; Oops

 I wander in here this morning, a little discombobulated because Molly had demanded to be let out early and Bella was like ‘nope’. Molly went outside, Bella stretched out on the floor and I tried to go back to bed. … Continue reading

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Blessed is a free style book of inspirational poetry. The Legend was supposed to be a Young adult fantasy novel, but to my amazement and joy, people of all ages who have read it enjoyed the book. I know it … Continue reading

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A Very Nice Surprise

 What now seems like a life time ago, I self published three books. In my ignorance of the mechanics of self publishing, they did not do as well as my hopes and dreams desired. Because of that, and a few … Continue reading

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To Ban, or not to Ban, That is the Question.

What a way to start the day. This morning as I was waiting for time to leave for church I saw a post someone had made on social media. They were very unhappy. They had shared a photo of a … Continue reading

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