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Day Fourteen; Footnotes Important Things

My son doesn’t know. My mother needed to make a run to the grocery store for fruit for the incoming storm. Good daughter that I am, I took her over to the big box store. As we pulled in  the … Continue reading

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Day 231; Footnotes of Simple Pleasures

It was that close.  My son introduced me to a friend of his who is the wife of a man who once worked with him. They are members of the Jeep group that I joined and were the first friends … Continue reading

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July Seventeenth; Finding My Satisfaction

From where, do I get my satisfaction?  In what, am I satisfied? Is it important, to be satisfied or should there be a hunger for more? Questions, questions. Are there answers, or mere food for contemplation? A few miles from … Continue reading

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Worry Not

You got my attention. Yes, I have already written my morning blog using my prompt of the day. Once written and posted I started seeing what notifications had arrived to my email in box. Making my way down, I came … Continue reading

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