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Day Twenty-four; Footnotes Retirement Isn’t For the Weak, and a Mother’s Gratitude

Yeah, it isn’t easy. When the mail ran today included in with the post card from that trucking company wishing to hire my deceased husband (yes, I’ve sent messages telling them), a card from someone wanting to buy my house … Continue reading

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October Twenty-sixth; Faith over Fear

Faith over fear. Here¬† we are, days away from the holiday that is seeped in fear and spooky stuff and I’m repeating the above comment over and over on a mental loop. No, nothing has me overly afraid about Halloween. … Continue reading

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Day 204; Footnotes of Trust and Obey

I feel bad. Apparently I have either lost a chunk of money, or I have put it in a safe place that is even safe from me. A couple of weeks ago I put some money in my purse to … Continue reading

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What Have I Done?

¬†Retirement was supposed to be wonderful. Suddenly free to do all the things you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t because you had to work. Then….retirement. Sweet freedom, how you’ve longed for and looked forward to its arrival. When, suddenly, … Continue reading

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