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November Sixteenth; Thankfulness is Wrapped Within

Dreams Someone told me once they no longer dreamed. I found that very sad. I wanted to argue but it was pretty well pointless with them. It was how they felt, they no longer held dreams about a future anything.My … Continue reading

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July Thirty-first; Priorities

 How in the world, have we already reached the last day of July? What happened to time that has made it pass so quickly? And yet, so very slowly at the same time? I had planned on attending an event … Continue reading

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May Twenty-Third; You Made Your Bed Prodigal Child

 Maybe you’ve heard the saying; You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. No? https://www.theidioms.com/youve-made-your-bed/ I remember hearing it as I was growing up. My grandmother and mother would be sitting on the front porch snapping beans, or sitting out … Continue reading

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May First; Home Sweet Home Sweet Home Sweet…

 I think it may have been desperation that has lead to my list. I sat here last night staring at my calendar, blank of prompts. Empty, nothing, Nada. That wasn’t good. So, I decided to write down things dealing with … Continue reading

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March Nineteenth; Considering Clean

 I’m sitting here enjoying my usual coffee and listening to the wind chimes hanging on my front porch. The breeze is playing a gentle tune this morning. The sky is again a deep grey overcast, giving the appearance of waiting … Continue reading

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Day Thirty-five; Footnotes on my Inspiration From the Book

Being that I spent so much of the day with mom, I really didn’t get to read a lot. (I’m reading; Forward Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow by Dr. David Jeremiah) Yet, even with what I read, … Continue reading

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December Eighth; If I Could Give a Gift

When we think of Christmas and the birth of Jesus, we immediately think of the manger scene. A small structure, the manger in the center and Jesus surrounded by Mary and Joseph and a collection of animals. Many manger scenes … Continue reading

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November Twenty-eighth; What Small Thing Happened Today, For Which I am Thankful? Seeds.

Oh wait, did I give it away? Maybe. Maybe not.  We all know the purpose of a seed. You plant in in soil, whether in a planter or directly in the ground and something grows. Whether it is vegetables, flowers, … Continue reading

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