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July Third; Unexpected but not Unappreciated Growth

No great expectations.  I honestly didn’t have any really big expectations when I once again began seriously writing in my blog.  It was meant to be a way to pass the time and share a story or two. If I … Continue reading

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June Twenty-third; Distract, Distracted, Distraction, Determination

As a teenager, I had a plan. I was going to be an award winning author. My works were going to be so good and so well received that I would have walls of awards and symbols of recognition. I … Continue reading

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Find Your Niche

As I stroll through the offerings of the blog world, I repeatedly read work by many who say to ‘find your niche’. So I sat here and began considering what exactly my niche could be. First off, what the heck … Continue reading

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February Twenty-seventh; What’s to Like?

Here I sit once again. My house empty but for me and the cat that has gone into hiding now that she has been fed. In my state of retirement, I lose track of the days, they all seem so … Continue reading

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A Very Nice Surprise

 What now seems like a life time ago, I self published three books. In my ignorance of the mechanics of self publishing, they did not do as well as my hopes and dreams desired. Because of that, and a few … Continue reading

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