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Day 291; Footnotes of He Came, He Saw, He Sawed

Its fine mom… really. Mom called me at one point this afternoon and asked if I could help dad cut up some wood. I told her I would be there in a couple of minutes. She asked if I would … Continue reading

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October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

 Another day, another month. Here we sit, October has arrived. The tenth month of the year. Some may wonder, how did we get here so quickly? Others may be asking, what has taken so long? And yet, here we are… … Continue reading

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September Seventeenth; Being the Ripple

Be the difference. For a long time I would end anything I posted on social media with that tag line. Be the difference.  How desperately we need that now. For some reason, I have picked up the habit of reading … Continue reading

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