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September Nineteenth; Until Then

Until then. I was up late last night. Not that being up late is unusual for me, but last night was even later than usual. I was chatting with a dear friend who has been and continues to face a … Continue reading

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August Tenth; If I Could Ask For a Gift, In This My Month Of Birth

It would be ability. I have been sitting here for the last four hours attempting this. I’ve had false starts aplenty. I have thought of and rejected many ideas. I have saved and I have deleted because nothing felt right. … Continue reading

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Question for Those Who Know

If I upgrade to a paid plan…what does that involve? What will I have to do? Will I have to set anything up? Make any changes? Or will it still look and function as it does now? I really don’t … Continue reading

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June Twenty-sixth; Nothing Uncanny There

It was almost fourteen years ago, that my journey began. My journey into becoming a cancer warrior. More than a survivor, a fighter, a champion for myself and for others. It began shortly after my fiftieth birthday when my family … Continue reading

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Day 143; Footnotes of How High are Your Hurdles?

Finally feeling better, and just in time.  My sweet Bella has a place on her hip that is giving her problems. Her skin is raw where she has either chewed the fur away or was injured somehow.  You could tell … Continue reading

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May twelfth; During that Moment of Fear

Between the rain falling outside, the darkness created by the clouds, Molly waking me through the night, and my scare, I’m exhausted and sleepy. Yep, one of those nights. I knew Molly was a bit antsy when I closed her in … Continue reading

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Pondering, Thinking, Considering, Wondering. Questions Without Answers

 In the reading, you will see this was  written days ago. After writing it, I set it aside to let it simmer while I contemplated its contents. Life can be so strange and confusing at times. Do we allow the … Continue reading

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Footnotes of January Fourteenth

  Today was an interesting, out of the ordinary yet not day. Things I had planned to do, didn’t get done. Things that had been on my mind, but wasn’t planning, did get done, sorta. In a round about rigged … Continue reading

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