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November Twelfth Thankful for Distance

Distance The conversation went from talking about my grand or great nephew (both fit in several ways) bagging a deer to her washing machine to my past relationships. How? With mom it is easy. At the point where it became … Continue reading

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Day 148; Footnotes of Do I Dare?

Is this house ever quiet. My son went with a friend to the truck race tonight. I am not accustomed to the house being this quiet in the evening. During the day, yes. But then, mom calls multiple times a … Continue reading

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Day 130; Footnotes of Do I Need a Map To Follow This Day?

First off- note to local people here in North Carolina and those along the route of the affected pipeline. Calm down. You are creating a shortage we wouldn’t have if you would not rush to the pumps and ill up … Continue reading

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Alone Doesn’t Need to Mean Lonely

        Its very quiet here. My husband who is a long haul truck driver is out “there” on the road. He’s headed from somewhere to some place. I can only hope and pray the weather is good for his drive. … Continue reading

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