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Day 148; Footnotes of Do I Dare?

Is this house ever quiet. My son went with a friend to the truck race tonight. I am not accustomed to the house being this quiet in the evening. During the day, yes. But then, mom calls multiple times a … Continue reading

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April Twelfth; And the Word, is Love

I could say that I love my morning routine of sitting here with my coffee, alternating between scrolling through  the blogs others have shared and staring out the window at the glorious day opening before me. I could say I … Continue reading

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January Twentieth, Footnotes of a Day of Kindness

 Today, was not what I expected. Even though, I’m not sure even I know what I’m expecting any more. Things have changed so much. The pandemic turned everything upside down and inside out. I, along with so many other people, … Continue reading

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You’re on Candid Camera

Today could have gone very different. It could have, but didn’t. It didn’t, because life has taught me a valuable lesson.  I was awakened around three this morning by the sound of the rain hitting the windows. There had to … Continue reading

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