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Day Forty-seven; Footnotes on A Day In The Life..

That dog needs to switch to decaf. My mother’s dog was scheduled for a vet appointment this afternoon. Fire up the Jeep, let’s ride. I drove them to the vet’s, its much closer than I thought so drive time was … Continue reading

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Day 361 Footnotes of Not How I Had Planned on Spending the Afternoon

Well. That was a different way to spend an afternoon. A week ago today my dad sat down hard. My mother called us asking if my son could come help get dad up. I think he broke all land speed … Continue reading

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Big Black SUV 0, Eighteen Wheeler 1

 Come on people, please! It has been almost two hours since I witnessed the accident and I am still trying to come to grips with the entire thing.  Bella and I were coming back from hiking the mountain. Bella stretched … Continue reading

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Different is as Different Does

a blurred photo of me and part of my family   I was writing about being different yesterday, in a somewhat vague sort of way.  I thought about that today while I was working and felt that maybe I ought … Continue reading

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