Not From Around Here

I took my mother to her doctor for a follow up visit this morning. While I waited for her, I had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman.

Just as they were taking my mother back this gentleman somewhere around my age, give or take a bunch of years sat down. It did not take long before he spoke. It seems that he entertains himself by listening to the way people speak and guessing where they are from. Immediately after telling me this, he said, “You’re not from around here are you?” I wish I had a photo of the part of his expression I could see above the mask when I told him I actually was from here. Born and raised-or reared if you prefer. Now, I have had this discussion before. I had a gentleman years ago argue with me that I could not possibly be from here. Of course this was mere weeks after my return from living in Calcasieu Parish,  Louisiana, in the shade of Lake Charles. After nearly two years of listening to those I came into contact with, I couldn’t help but pick up the sound. That however did not stop me from being from here.

After forty years though I’m sure that has disappeared. What has not though is the lessons I was taught growing up. Speak properly. There was no saying things such as cheer for chair and ain’t was not, I repeat not, a word. My now deceased husband used to accuse me of talking ‘uppity’. No, just speaking as I was taught dear.

Now, this gentleman this morning, who was not in anyway flirting as he made it clear that his wife knows he does this challenge, has not heard me talking after I have spent time with my dad. For some reason, spending time with him brings out my southern. I sound like a full blown old time shake and bake commercial.

I also want to look at this from another angle. Those who follow the Christian faith, we may be from here, but we are not a part of here. We are not home. We are traveling through this life from this place to our real home. We are set aside to be different. To be like, to live like Jesus the Christ. To see what is going on around us, but not take part. To plant seeds as we travel. Seeds of hope, of peace, of encouragement, of love. Especially of love. Being different does not make us better. In fact to be like Jesus, we should walk in humility. We should speak in kindness and act in compassion. We should see the needs of those around us and act in the ways necessary to meet those needs. There are going to be times when that being different causes the feelings of being left out, of not being accepted. Maybe that does happen. In the end though, when we reach the end of our journey, it isn’t the opinion of those we have met along the way that matter. It is hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” that is what matters.

I am from here, but not, so the gentleman wasn’t completely wrong.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Not From Around Here

  1. Katherine says:

    Born and raised in southeastern Virginia, when we moved to western North Carolina in 2013 we got that so so much from people. My husband actually encountered commercial customers in his line of work who didn’t want to buy from “that Yankee from Virginia” which always made me chuckle because we always considered where we are from “Southern”. But like you, both our mothers had expected proper English, even if it has a slight twang to it. When I’m around certain people though my drawl comes out in full force. Likewise when I’m around people from other areas I pick up on some of their pronunciations of words.

    • When I got back from Louisiana I sounded very close to being a native. I tend to listen closely and pick up on many dialect sounds if I’m around it enough.
      People can be so funny. ..and rude at times.

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    We have live so many places since the 1980 an have lived through that lonely feeling of not fitting in. It’s not a bad place to be, because my faith in the Lord has grown since He has never moved away from me. He continues to love me daily no matter where my body is. Good post Rebecca.

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