Their Part is Done

And that’s a wrap.

The men came back this morning and finished up the floor repairs. Though they did more than that. My brother has been trying for months to get someone to construct a handrail at my parent’s front porch. They didn’t want anything fancy or elaborate. They simply needed something to offer a bit of support. Every single person my brother had talked with, backed out of the project. I have no idea why, they simply couldn’t-wouldn’t do the work. My brother works nearly all the time on top of his own home repairs. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get over here to do this. While the men from the church were here yesterday, I thought I’d ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. When he saw what was needed, it was an easy yes.

Knowing they were returning this morning, I was up and ready early. The dogs being restless also had me dragging myself from under warm covers. Quickly dressed and with coffee made I watched for their arrival.

I heard, then watched the truck as it passed the house and went directly to my parent’s place. Grabbing my phone I walked down to watch, help, keep dad away. Which ever was needed. I did end up helping a little as the railing was being created. He dug the holes and dropped the posts in place. My job was to make sure the posts remained where they should. To say that my mother was happy is a very big understatement. I doubt that a box full of cash would have made her as happy as that new railing.  Now she has something much better than the porch column to steady her and dad as they step up or down from the porch.

Once that was done, they moved up here to finish up the flooring issues. Before they set foot in the house they asked if I had all the critters put up. I did. Molly shut up in this room, Bella was in the kitchen and Cricket the cat was safely on the back porch. That scare yesterday had to cost her at least one if not two lives. Knowing the coast was clear, they came in and set to work.

I alternated between watching them and watching the clock. I had to leave at 10:30 to take my dad to a doctor’s appointment. I had set up a plan though. My son was coming in for lunch around ten. If the men were still working when he had to return to work, my sister in law was going to come up and wait with them. While it was never said, I doubted they would want to be here if I or my son wasn’t. Bella was also watching nearly every move. She stayed in the same spot as long as the saw didn’t make that high pitched sound. That would hurt her dog ears and she would move away until it stopped.

I watched as they methodically removed, cleaned, replaced damaged wood. It was obvious these men enjoy working together. Their conversations and tones conveyed that well. From serious to teasing to giving advice, they proved their camaraderie. They worked hard to make sure what they were doing, they were doing right. They wanted to make sure this lasted for a long time.

I knew going into this that they were going to do all the repair work. It was and is up to me to get the replacement flooring done. I have however been given the name of one who may have flooring at a good price. I think though, that as I mentioned before, while all of the furniture is out, I may find that leftover paint and paint those walls so they won’t be so dark. There’s no hurry to get my furniture back in the house. I’m adjusting well to sleeping on that air mattress.

He is going to get back with me and let me know what they put out in the cost of materials. While I was told that I could pay what I wanted, what I could and I can pay in installments, I want to pay for the materials. I realize this is a mission based project. They did this to help me in my time of need. My paying for the materials would help them, help another. My guess with what all they had to replace, is around a thousand dollars. Give or take a bit. I’m not in any way complaining. I know, straight up, this was the answer to a prayer. For me to pay for materials (even when they said I don’t have to), and then the replacement floor covering, I’m still coming out way less than what it could have/ would have been.

If anyone would like to help this group of men with enormous hearts for missions, here again is the link to the church’s web site. The address to the church is on there. Also there is a box marked give. Click on that and follow instructions. At one point there is a memo box where you would fill in Men’s Neighborhood Mission Group. They will make sure your donation goes to them and help them help another in need.


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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Their Part is Done

  1. leendadll says:

    Wish I could find help like this. I knoe resources are out there but I haven’t managed to find them.

    • Thank you my friend. Its all good. Moral support goes a long way as well. They are not going to bill me or expect me to pay any more than I am able. It was me who kept saying, tell me cost of materials because I know they are expensive. If I can pay for that, then I’m hoping to help them help others like me.

      • leendadll says:

        That’s awesome of you. I would happily do the same. Hell, if possible I’d even pay labor if someone would simply offer me some services!! Instead, I feel like I’m begging to pay for crappy help… and not getting any takers.

      • I understand that. Its hard when no one wants to do anything. I do understand what a blessing and gift I received with their help.

      • leendadll says:

        Your gratitude is obvious!

        I wish my more energetic neighbors would develop a wish to help out the old lady of the block! Jessie/Jesus used to offer – but that was about trying to get in my pants. He’s at least as old as me, I think he’s actually older, and npw appears to have slowed down too.

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