Facing Challenges With Determination and Bravado

Finally, for what it is worth, my house is decorated for Christmas. It is simple. The decorations look a bit on the worn side. Many are home made back when my son was young. A few are older than he is. My tree is an artificial tree that has been used for many years. One of my Nativity Scenes is a ceramic that I painted not long after my son was born, making it around thirty years old.

I’ve also managed to get the lights up and working on the outside of the house. That was an interesting challenge. Before I started with that, I had gone to the big box store and their selection of lights was very slim. I grabbed three boxes of multi-function and a box of clips. If my lights worked, I would return them, but I wanted to make sure I had lights. One issues I had, before I could do anything, I had to untangle all the strands. Yes, last year I simply pulled them off the house and tossed them into a box. Once they were all untangled, I began checking to see if they still worked. The strands are of varying ages. I have two that are multi-function while the rest are not. Most are multi-color but I do have a few that are white. I started with the multi-function lights. I strung them across the front of the house and almost made it all the way. If I had strung them in a more tight fashion, I would have but I wanted to allow them to droop. It doesn’t bother me that the lights blink all the way up to the half way point of my carport while the other half is steady burning.

Once I was off the roof of the house I began stringing the rest of the lights. I went up and around and across with lights. I thought I was doing amazing. Then I realized that I had no way to plug in these lights. I was going to have to figure this out and hope that I did  not have to take them all back down. I’ve done it before, its no fun. I finally found where I could plug in the strand that drops off the carport to a drop cord. Then run the drop cord across to where I could plug that in on the front porch.

One thing I did, was to have the lights plugged in and working while I finished up. I wanted to see if any quit working so I could fix what ever had gone wrong quickly. I did notice that the two light up crosses on either end of the porch, no longer light up. You can see where the lights blew out. I’m not taking them down yet though. I may after Christmas or may not.

My son is off on a motorcycle toy run so I’ve had time to myself. I delivered his toy donations to the trailers then went on to the big box store to return the lights. Mom wanted a pair of sweat pants and I managed to find her size. I picked up some fire starter logs and a small Poinsettia for my husband’s grave. Once home, I took mom her pants and then after walking her dog, I decided that after I ate, I was going to move all the storage boxes back to the building.

When I went to move the boxes, I called the dogs inside. If I didn’t, they would go into the storage building in search of anything that had created a habitat within the walls. As Molly came inside she stopped suddenly with an odd expression. I turned to see what she was looking at and saw Moxie standing there all bowed up, hair sticking up straight and kitten fangs bared while hissing angrily. Molly wasn’t sure what to do but I managed to get her back outside. Capturing Moxie and Mojo I returned them to the room from which they had escaped. This was not good. Moxie had already shown earlier that he was smart enough to open the back door, now he can open this one as well. One thing to remember, Moxie only has one eye.

Trying again, I got the dogs inside and moved the boxes a couple at a time, from porch to building. I kept one small box out to see if I could use any of the decorations inside on Star if I get to participate in a parade. Securing the building, I moved back inside the house and finalized locations for the decorations inside. Now that I have that done, I can start figuring out what and how to move the things that will be in the way should they come to work on my floor.

While I sit here now I contemplate what I witnessed earlier between Moxie and Molly. A small maybe three pound kitten, angrily and bravely stood up to a sixty pound dog. A confused dog, a startled dog, but a dog that had I allowed her to realize what was in front of her, could have been a dangerous dog. While Molly loves Cricket our official cat, she is not fond of the members of the colony out back. Moxie didn’t care. Moxie stood there in all his kitten bravado and dared Molly to make a move. Moxie was the one who when he was brought inside, would growl and stand over his food as if to, well, dare anyone to make a move. He is a sweetheart, snuggle bug, who loves attention and will seek it at every opportunity. He is also one brave lion at heart tucked away in that tiny kitten body. I want to be like Moxie. Maybe, in some small way I am. I faced my discomfort with heights and got the lights up. I braved the customer service counter at the big box store. I am learning. I am growing. Hopefully soon, I will be facing those challenges just like Moxie. With Determination and Bravado and a bit of hissing if needed.

I also still have the gofundme active for the cats. The cat man has been very busy with another larger colony but he hasn’t forgotten the ones here that are still in need of spay neuter and rabies shots. https://www.gofundme.com/f/qj8va-do-it-for-them?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to Facing Challenges With Determination and Bravado

  1. You inspire me! I would survive alone but I wouldn’t have outdoor Christmas lights on my house. Plus all else that you do. I think you are amazing! 🌟

    • Thank you. You have no idea how hearing those words makes me feel. My late husband loved the lights as much as I do. Part of the reason I am determined to put them up, is in his memory. Even though when he was alive, we put out a lot more lights than I do now. It is also an act of spite against my fears of high places. Its a good thing no one is close enough to hear my one sided conversations with the ladder as I make my way back down.

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