Hoping Words Convey

I realize that authors write for many reasons. The blogs we post have that variety of purpose that adds to that spice of life thing. The same as different music, foods, lifestyles and the list goes on into infinity. Most anyone who writes, does so with a purpose. We write from the desire to share something. Whether that something is knowledge, encouragement, entertainment, or something else, we seek to share in the hopes of making the readers life better in some degree.

When I write, more often than not, I am shared a slice of my life. When writing, I try to make sure and protect the privacy of those who may play a part in what ever adventure I am sending out into the universe. While ever so often I many share a fictional story, most are biographical in nature. I do this with the hope that it may reach someone who needs to read those words at that moment. If I write about being a domestic abuse survivor, which I am or about being a breast cancer survivor, which I am, the purpose is to show that while the battle may be difficult, one can survive. Not only survive, but be stronger for the fight. If I discuss my anxieties, it is to show that mental health issues are real, are near constant, but can be dealt with. We can find the strength to live joyfully and not allow those demons to destroy us. If I discuss my faith, it is not to push or force my beliefs onto another. It is to say, here is where I found my peace. Here is where my calm in the storm generates from. A nonfiction book or article is intended to educate. A fiction to entertain. A biographical may do both.

I have been told, that I have a way with words. I smile, I offer an honest thank you, all the while thinking, in writing maybe. Speaking words often fail me. In writing, I can take the time to find the words I seek to express what I wish to say. In speaking I often stumble, fearing being misunderstood.

Today, is December first. In years past I have written daily posts about the gifts one could give to others. Not the material gifts so much as the gifts from the heart. Giving love, compassion, understanding. This coming weekend my son will participate in a motorcycle toys for tots run. The Jeep group I am part of will hold one as well. I see those as gifts of the heart. Gifts not only of toys, but of acknowledgement, of time, of saying, I see you.

Right now, I want to offer a heart felt thank you to those who have and are gifting me in a time of difficulty. I do not like asking and do my best to not ask for help. I was brought up to try and do for myself when ever possible. Currently, I am at a moment when I simply cannot do this on my own. I have written about this already, but I want to bring everyone who has helped me up to date on where we are now in the process of repairing the flooring in my house. The following was from yesterday.

The process with my floor is moving onto the next step. Two gentlemen from the church I belong were out today.

Two gentleman were out here this morning to get a first look at what is going on with my floor. They carefully stepped on the weakened area and tested the floor to see how far back it goes. They then walked into the bedroom and checked the floor around each wall in that room. Afterwards we walked out back and they checked under the house, without going too far underneath. Using a very powerful flashlight (I want one of those) they could see fairly well up and under the house. Before they left they told me they would be getting in touch with the gentleman who is not only the main talent but the brains behind the work and then get back with me. This gentleman is currently out of town being a good deed doer, a missionary and user of the talents God gifted him with.

What I gathered, we are maybe looking at a large section in the living room that will need replacing. All of the carpet in the room will need to be ripped up and removed. (Its only around forty years old, time to go.) Once the flooring is opened up they can get a better understanding of what has happened. Not sure yet about the bedroom floor but maybe, depending on damage, it may not be as much of an issue. I was asked to give them a few days, but they would definitely get back with me. The brains I’m sure will need to come out for an actual look at my floor.

I fear though that with the cost of materials alone this is not going to be a cheap, easy fix.There is also the moving of all that furniture that will need to be done. The bed is the worst nightmare as it is one of those queen size with a huge cabinet headboard with recessed mirror. I will also need to find something to put clothing in while the work is being done. But that is not the worry until we get a time set for repairs should they choose to do this.

The thing though, there have been many who have helped me through donations. There have been many who have helped me through encouragement. I have been given names of people to contact. I have had people share my fundraiser. Every act a gift. Every gift is greatly and deeply appreciated. I hope that my humble offering of words here, convey just how much I do appreciate what others are doing to help me right now. But not just now, but in every time past. I could not, would not be where I am, without your assistance. Thank you.



About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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