It Doesn’t Always Take a Lot, To Make a Difference

It doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, to make a difference.

This is a time of year that can be difficult for those who ride motorcycles. While there are many things that can and do cause issues there is one that was and will be for a while, a major issue for my son. Our homes are surrounded by huge Oak trees. With it being Autumn, those trees are losing all of their leaves. All of those leaves, are covering the ground in a thick layer. Our driveway does have some length to it making it difficult for him when ricing that bike. Especially if those leaves are wet. A storm is coming, the rain should arrive Thursday. I had to do something and I needed to do it as soon as possible.

I went out today and found my son’s electric leaf blower and our extension cords. Ours wasn’t enough so I walked down and borrowed my dad’s. Once again powered up, I walked to the end of the driveway and began clearing it as best as possible with leaves still falling even as I worked. I did manage to get the driveway cleared, the side of the house and a path from the camper to the backdoor.

It was after dark when my son got home. Dinner was almost ready when he got home. I had also done his laundry for him today. I usually do it because my drier is iffy as to whether it will work or not and I have the time to fight with the thing. He carried the basket of clean clothing to his camper and came back for his dinner. A little later on another trip over he realized what I had done. He did tell me thank you. Because a few minutes of my time, made it easier for him. He who prefers to walk barefoot, can now do so without concerns of what was hiding under the leaves.

Many years ago there was an older mobile home straight across from my parent’s home. For some reason, the individual who lived there, would walk over to my parent’s house. Rather than walk a few feet over and walk up the driveway, he walked across the yard and created a path. Now that God planned path, makes it easier for my parents to walk to their mailbox. I’ve been keeping that path cleared of leaves and acorns to try and prevent a fall. Simple things.

Recently I watched someone manage to get an item off a high shelf in a store for another shopper. I’ve watched people hold doors for those behind them. The other day, when the man arrived to make a delivery of fuel oil for my parents, he went a step above and because he could tell my dad’s worries, went back and measured the level in the tank and told dad his estimates on fuel level and how long it should last for them. Something he did not have to do, but did.

A couple weeks ago I took my mother to a different big box store than the one where we usually shop. I dropped mom off near the front door so she wouldn’t have to walk too far. I then went to park my Jeep. By the time I made it to the door, I saw mom inside sitting on a stool. The greeter had found her or maybe even given her his seat. One gentle act of compassion and kindness.

I’ve shared the incidents that I know. The ones I have seen or had a part. Small acts, that can and often do, make a big difference. People remember. They hear your words, but those can be forgotten. Your actions and the memories they create, remain. Even when what you do, may not be immediately acknowledged, it is known and the effects will remain. What you do, the difference created, that small ripple will grow and spread. It will touch others as the initial one shows the difference created by your simple act.

Acts like, tutoring a student in subjects in which they are struggling.

Help clean up a waterway or hiking trails.

Help in a food bank or something such as meals on wheels.

Visit those in nursing or retirement homes.

Do something for the homeless. Do something for kids in the system.

Let a person into the flow of traffic.

Helps those who cannot do anything in return.

Small acts can make a big difference. Believe it, live it, prove it.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to It Doesn’t Always Take a Lot, To Make a Difference

  1. John says:

    You are a wonderful daughter and woman, Rebecca. ☺️

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