Hello Doctor

I finally went for a physical this morning. I haven’t had one in approximately four years. While I wasn’t looking forward to this visit, I knew it was past time and was glad to be able to get it taken care of finally. The preparations began last night when I went into the period of fasting for the blood work. As I was preparing for bed I made sure to set the alarm on my phone as I had to be there at five minutes after eight this morning. I then decided to set the alarm clock but the minute I put my hand on it I felt a slight shock. I dropped the clock and muttered a word I don’t normally as I asked to no one in particular, “What the hell?” After sitting in shock-sorry-for a moment I went to find gloves to pick the clock up out of the floor. I’ll ask my son to check it this afternoon.

This morning, after a restless night, the alarm went off when I was sleeping my best. Still, shoving the covers aside I got up to prepare for the visit. Though my appointment wasn’t until 8, I was up at six thirty. I wanted to wash my hair and have plenty of time to fight with my contacts. I sipped a half cup of coffee and drank water to help hydrate the veins for the blood work.

Both dogs went outside as the day began to lighten. While they were out front, I took food out for the cats. I was happy to see two of the kittens outside. One even actually tried to eat some but the other was under the back steps and I wasn’t crawling under there and having to go change clothes again. I did pet and love on the one that was outside.

When time came, I got both dogs inside and headed out. It was five minutes before eight when I arrived, I went in and began the first time patient conversation. Which wasn’t too bad as I had done a lot of the work online. Taking my seat I waited. When I was called back they got my weight then lead me to the room without a number. Blood pressure was good, heart rate was good, oxygen was good now to await the doctor.  When she came in we talked and she checked and then told me I would need to do their version of an eye exam- which was stand way down the hall from the chart on the wall and read it with both eyes, the one then the other. My right eye is my worst. Then an EKG for my heart. It took longer to adhere the stickers and plug in the wires than it did for the actual test. I also for what ever reason took the flu shot and the pneumonia shot. I had pneumonia several years back and it took forever to get it cleared so if this helps, I’ll go with it. The arm my flu shot was give in still hurts hours later.

 I also had more of those questions to answer. Questions on depression, exercise, smoking, how much or many drinks with alcohol did I consume daily. They did not have a box for none, so I write it in. There was also this long list of questions on whether I was able to do things myself or needed assistance. Then..last page, I had to fill in a clock and show the time that was written on the page. At one point in conversing with the doctor she was asking about memory and told me she was going to give me three words and then later ask if I remembered them. I did, banana, chair, sunshine. How? Thinking minions with bananas on a chair in the sunshine. Strange but worked.

While the phlebotomist knew what she was doing, it still felt as if she was trying to shove that needle up to my collar bone. She also drew something like five vials of blood. As she finished she told me I was done, I could go and to wave at the ladies up front as I left.

For now, I’m waiting on the call to set up appointments for my mammogram and bone density test and for the test that shall not be named. My son was not happy when I told him when he was here for lunch that he would need to be here for that one as I needed him to drive me home. There is one other test but I’m thinking that one is a just in case.

When I pulled down the driveway one of the cats was out front. As I dodged it and parked the jeep my son came in behind me for his lunch. I spoke briefly with him then called my mother to let her know I was home and that I was going to fix something to eat. Only that didn’t happen. She had seen someone walk down to my niece’s house and was afraid they had tried to break in, would I check? So I walked down there first to find that someone had delivered a package. I walked over to tell my mother and let her know that there are times that delivery are being made in personal vehicles. She then felt better. Before I could escape dad wanted to know who won the race Sunday night. I told him the one that crossed the line first. Mom thought that hilarious, dad didn’t hear me or ignored me one. I had to call my son and ask as I couldn’t remember. (Anyone other than my favorite drivers I don’t remember easily)

As I finally made my way back toward the house I heard something in a nearby tree. When I looked it was Swoosh and she was way up there. I wondered why until I saw that my dogs had escaped again. My son had caught Bella and Molly actually came running to me. Both were confined inside as a time out while I found their latest escape route and got that patched. I didn’t have these problems until the tree people had to move my fence. We are still working on getting it fully secured as it once was. Having members of the colony stroll by ever so often doesn’t help.

I have called the guy to help me with the kittens and with the cat that mom claims isn’t hers but she feeds. So we are now on a waiting list though he is going to see what he can do about the two kittens. Which are so tiny to be around six weeks old.

Dad has also asked me if I’m not busy, if I would come down and dig in a hole of water looking for an electrical line that runs somewhere near there. Um…no.

I’m thinking though, how amazing it is that we take the time to take care of our health, our family, our resources but so many neglect taking care of our eternal life. This physical body, everything in the life will end and be no more. Our soul though, will live on forever…somewhere. It is up to us, to make sure of the where.

Yep..even daddy long leg spiders like coffee.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Hello Doctor

  1. John says:

    I hope the coffee didn’t skew your test results, I went through this three days ago and have a bruise to prove it. Put some Zinc Oxide on the bruise, it goes away faster. I think that hurricane is heading right at your state when it clears Florida. Not good.

    • They had told me that black coffee was okay. I didn’t even drink half the cup though I stuck mainly to water. The last time I didn’t drink enough water and getting blood was not an easy task.
      I’m trying to keep up with its track. I’m considering seeing how much cash I have and go for a few things..just in case.

      • John says:

        In my humble opinion, you should stock up as best you can. I see my doctor in 2 days for the blood test results, I do this probably three times a year. I actually worry a little bit about you and your family because of these big storms, hurricanes, or not that keep passing over your area!

      • I have a lot of stuff ready. I need to collect water and I need to get my son to check the propane for the grill..so if the power goes, I’ll at least be able to have my coffee.

      • John says:

        That’s great! And you gotta have your coffee too. I am interested to see how things go there, Rebecca.

  2. Bill Engvall has a good bit about that procedure.

  3. leendadll says:


    Good luck with results, and the test not to be named. I finally threw away my prep solution from my twice cancelled appt – but not before grabbing the very handy 16oz plastic cup – now my watercolor painting cup!

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