Tidbits of The Morning

I was awakened this morning by one of my dogs crying. Even though it didn’t sound like her, Bella is the only one that sleeps in the bedroom with me. I did check anyway and confirmed that it had to be Molly unless the house had suddenly became haunted by a ghost dog. I forced myself out of bed and headed through the house. Molly had pushed the door open and was out of the room where she normally sleeps. Bella will not allow her in the bedroom which is her space. I found Molly on the couch which was unusual also, as close as she could get to where Cricket was hiding. My son built an end table many years ago and Cricket has taken so sleeping under that. Cricket hasn’t been feeling well for over a week and Molly absolutely adores Cricket so I’m guessing she was trying to be close to her friend to cheer her up and make sure she wasn’t alone.

Molly did go back to her room without fuss and I returned to bed. Where I lay listening to acorns hit the roof until I finally dozed back off. Its going to be worse tonight as they are predicting high wind gusts with a cold front coming through. It makes me wish I had something I could stretch out across the roof to mute the sounds or at least soften them.

I noticed earlier that mom cat had brought out two of the kittens. I don’t know if that is the only two which survived or I got out there before she brought the others. Their eyes do not look good at all. So matted and I fear in one of the kittens they may have lost one eye. She took both back under the house which is the safest place. I need to repair my fence and make sure the dogs can’t escape and go around back. The kittens would not have a chance if that happens. I just hope she doesn’t move them again as I might not find them next time. If she doesn’t, I think I will check and see if I still have any old fence wire around and have my son help fence in an area in the back where the cats  kittens would be safe. They are still small though so I have to make sure it is something they can’t slip through,

I tried to make small talk with a neighbor this morning as I watched my dad walk back from checking his mail. She wasn’t interested, that’s fine. No hurt feelings.  One thing I have learned, I will not attempt to force myself on or beg anyone to talk with or be friends with me. She also did have her hands full with an infant and a toddler and her knees, so she really, probably simply didn’t have time.

Among the memories that popped up this morning as this one from 2015:

yes, we (meaning my son and I) were a bit mean last night. We all went to the Cracker Barrel to eat. As we were preparing to leave my husband almost walks away leaving the to go plate he wanted. He did walk away leaving his phone. James saw it and handed it to me. I dropped it down into my pocket book and waited. James had came on his motorcycle and he headed home while my husband and I went to wally world (our home away from home) While my husband stopped to look at something I went on to find the salve the doctor had told me to get. Turns out it was behind the counter for some reason. As the lady working got it for me my husband comes barreling up (funny sight to see with him pushing that shopping buggy) His eyes were huge and he was in near panic mode, exclaiming we had to go back, maybe James wasn’t too far away, he had left his phone. I reached into my bag and handed him his phone. He thought it was mine and was going to call James when I told him for the second time it was his phone and I showed him mine. Poor soul, going from near panic to complete relief was like watching a balloon deflate (or maybe a football) He then said, “You weren’t going to tell me where you?” I was grinning, the lady behind the counter was flat out -politely- laughing. I told him, “Nope, not until you missed it.” His “Don’t do that!” was met with “Don’t walk off and leave your phone”

I wonder though, how many of us have had a situation where we have gone into full panic mode unnecessarily? I’m sure at some time or other we’ve all done it, only to find that we aren’t alone and that Someone has everything under control and has our back. If only we would slow down, pay attention and listen and watch.

Good morning my friends, here is to a new and beautiful day.

So many things that cause you to consider, to think, to grow, to smile.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Tidbits of The Morning

  1. John says:

    You could cut the oak tree down to stop the nuts from waking you up. Kidding!

  2. She doesn’t to my knowledge say much to him unless he brings it up. She didn’t want it cut down because it sheltered their fuel oil tank. Dad said the acorns kept him awake so, it was cut down. She does acknowledge that with the tree gone, that is one less thing for him to complain about.

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