And This…(trigger alert, photo is of spider and web)

I’ve been sitting here rather mindlessly scrolling social media and supposed news articles on various sites and allowing my mind to putter about subconsciously at the same time. I have arrived at the conclusion and do believe, I am going to adopt my son’s outlook on things. There have been times I have shared news articles with him, whether local or not, and he would ask me, “and that concerns me how?”.  Usually these are not matters of importance but local events, often that have gone wrong. He does have an understanding of what is need to know and what is the dust in the wind stuff. Today I am coming to realize how his ignoring the dust in the wind stuff helps him remain able to handle the important.

I remember when they said the internet was going to make things so much easier. It would bring us so much information and bring us together. Right now, I am seeing a large part of the internet as the white panel van and someone whispering “I have candy”

It is very easy to create a site and share misinformation. It is easy to lure people into a site to infect their computer with viruses and malware. To offer up amazing prizes or products only as a means to harvest information to sell or to steal.

Then, there are the variety of social media sites that continue to pop up across the expanse of the web. While social media could be a good thing, it could and in many cases does bring people together for good causes, it is also often a dark foreboding place.

I did learn a long time ago to, just keep scrolling, when I saw something that was tinder to the fire. Usually it was or is, a post deliberately meant to stir up the masses. Politics, keep going. Covid, keep going. Racist posts, keep going. Discussions on gender or pronoun preference, keep going. Because nine times out of ten, the post was written in a way deliberately meant to create a storm of attention and comments. Too many have come to realize that ugly and mean spreads quicker than anything good.

I have learned, to better control my emotions online. In the past, when made angry, everyone knew it if the anger was burning hot enough. They may not have known the full details, but they knew I was out of emotional control angry. The last time I did that, my son walked in moments after I hit the share button. He saw my hands trembling from the anger and face drawn in a tight attitude of justification of my post. He told me I was acting like a spoiled immature teenager and walked away. The truth in the comment stung. I removed the post but the damage was done. I had people messaging me asking if I were alright and what was going on. I have come to believe that dark emotions roll out in waves and are a magnet that draws attention to itself. Dark emotion feeds on itself by drawing dark emotions, growing stronger and more dark with each comment, with each addition individual chiming in to what ever is happening.

I have learned, sometimes through my mistakes, sometimes by thinking first, to simply keep moving. I am learning to adopt my son’s mantra of ‘and that concerns me, how?’.

I am going to do my best to seek out and gravitate to the positive. The thrift shops whose purpose is to help those in need through their sales. The organizations whose purpose is to help, to feed the hungry, to clothe the needy. Groups whose purpose is to bring attention to and fill needs. The articles that educate, enlighten, inspire the mind and heart. I want to see the things meant to bring us together and create growth. I want to find and explore the things that concern me, not the trivial meant to distract and divide. There was an email in my inbox this morning that is a local news thing. As I scrolled down the list of articles, there was not one positive article. Everything was bad news in some form. It was unsettling and somewhat depressing. It is no wonder we are having so many mental heath issues. We are being bombarded constantly by negative news. While I know that life is not all sunshine and roses, it is not all dark either. Call me naive, call me a dreamer, but I believe we can if we try, find a light of goodness to shine.

This morning in the few hours I have been awake and online, I have seen many things that have had me drop my head, shaking it in disbelief and sorrow. Friends, family members, neighbors, former school mates, all having moments of disagreement. Muttering the mantra of not my circus, not my monkeys, mumbling ‘how does it concern me?’ doesn’t ease the hurt in my heart for those I know are also hurting through this. Because even anger, is painful.

Those who grew up in the era were taught to stay away from the white van. Many remember being taught the cry of stranger danger. To not help the person who lost a puppy. Years passing have made life seemingly darker and more dangerous though I wonder if it has not always been that way. It is simply the easier and quicker access to information that makes it seem worse. The dissolution of society and standards escalating as the dark grows in strength due to the drawing of the angry into its web.

Call me naive, call me a dreamer, but I’m not sure, no, I’m sure. I cannot fully adapt and accept the attitude of ‘and this concerns me how?’ as a method of escaping responsibility and actions. I can use it for the trivial, I can use it as a means to not be drawn into social media battles for attention over things like pronouns or statues. I will not use it to ignore the important such as the degradation of our society and its needs. Hoping, that if one by one, we sought out the important, the good, the bringing together for the betterment, then life itself will be stronger, brighter, better.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I agree – sometimes I wonder if a post in my social media feed is there for shock value.

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