What Delivery

 I have always tried to be fair and look for good. I have never, until today, gave a low rating on anything I have reviewed.  Moments ago, I did just that. Not because of the item, I still have to use that to see what I think, but because of the delivery.

 I had ordered as birthday gift to myself, a new dash cam for my Jeep. I went middle of the price range in an attempt to be responsible in spending and yet purchase something worth having. When I placed the order it stated that the package would arrive today.  Close enough to my birthday to count.

 As the day wore on I was half watching for a truck and half watching email waiting for the delivery. Then, my email showed the package as being delivered. I had not seen nor heard a truck or any vehicle that may have been making a delivery. I did however walk outside and begin the search. I looked around the house, I checked the drive as I walked up to the mailbox and peered into a very empty mailbox. I looked all around the mailbox and along the front of my yard. There was no package. I came back inside and checked the email. It stated that while rare, there are times when a package may be delivered before actually being dropped off. The instructions were to wait twenty four hours and then contact them. Seriously?

 I was considering my options and wondering what actually happened when a neighbor’s truck pulled down my drive. She had found my package in the dirt road not even close to my yard. It was closer to a neighbor’s drive but still it was in the road. Just waiting to be run over by any of the many vehicles that traverse the road.  I thanked her for finding and bring the package to me. As I checked it out, the box didn’t seem damaged, and upon opening the item looks okay. I’ll need to read the instructions, well unless I can get my son to set it up, and once turned on make sure there was no damage done by the method of delivery.

 I then did what the email asked. I told them about my delivery experience. What delivery?? I wasn’t ugly, I wasn’t rude. I was simply honest and respectfully told of how my package was dropped off at some random spot. Only by the grace of a neighbor an honest neighbor who found and brought the package to me, do I have this dash cam. I gave them one star, because I felt that way it would get their attention more so than no stars marked. Of course I received the automated, “we’re sorry you had a bad experience” message so it may go nowhere. As it is, I got my frustration off my chest and even though I told the neighbor thank you, I wanted to share that my neighbors are better than whomever dropped my package off nowhere near it should have been.

Now..I will say that this road does confuse some. There are those that don’t realize that it continues. BUT, if you have any sort of mapping, you would know that in the road, nowhere near my address, is not correct. And for the record, I don’t blame Walmart, (or the manufacturer of the camera) which is where I ordered the thing, I blame the individual who was supposed to deliver the thing.

I wonder though, how often we have expected something, and that it in some way, did not live up to our expectations?

Whether it was quality, or delivery, or any number of factors that could have been less than desired? This isn’t the first time we have had issues with delivery. There are many dirt lanes along this stretch of highway, but mapping. In that it seems would be a matter or attention to details. Product quality in any of its many divisions may not be what we hoped and desired.

The one delivery that I have never had concern over, was the delivery of love and forgiveness of and from my Lord and Savior. He doesn’t toss that out randomly on the side of or even in the roadway. He delivers that straight to the heart and soul. But it comes with instructions, the Holy Bible. The greatest instruction after Love thy God, is love thy neighbor. Who is my neighbor? Any and every individual I come into contact with as I walk through this journey of life. You do not have to fully agree with them to love them. A process that some may find difficult, and at times it is, but it is not impossible.

 Right now, I’m going to go pour myself a cup of coffee and try and read the instructions for this camera. Hopefully that will go better than the non delivery.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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