Spent the Day

The cats in the outside colony are getting sneaky and greedy. When I got up today there were cats all over the steps and peering through the door as if looking for me. I grabbed their food and as I moved toward the door I heard more that a few loud meows. Which is unusual and a good thing. Feral cats are silent, the more noise and the more that make noise means they are becoming more tame.

My mother needed groceries it was up to me to get her there and back again safely. She promised me that her list was short. I waited later than I should have as according to mom, dad ask her repeatedly if we were going. Next time I’ll do better to save her from that questioning.

We arrived safely and went inside. I managed to secure a decent buggy and off we went. She wanted alcohol swabs so we headed for the pharmacy area. Then managed to walk right by them. Thankfully someone was able to point me to exactly where they were. I grabbed a package of contact lens cases that I needed. Then, we were off to the pet food aisle. I kept thinking that there was something that I needed, but my mind was blank. As we walked, I saw a display of hangers. The kind that you can put on a wall, hang what ever you wish and then when you grow weary of seeing the same thing, the hangers are supposed to come off easily. Ah yes, that was what I needed.

Earlier, Bella (one of my dogs) and I were hanging out in this room when we both heard what sounded like a crash. We got up and walked through the house but couldn’t find the source of the sound. When my son came in from work and opened the fridge he announced that one of the shelves had collapsed in the fridge. Thankfully it didn’t make a mess, but it would need to be fixed if possible. As we discussed the fridge he asked if I had fed the cats that morning. When I said that I had, he told me that he had fed them before he left for work. Sneaky little beasts.

 So, we decided that other than discussing greedy, sneaky cats I needed decide on some sort of hanger to fix that shelf/drawer. And here at the store, I purchased two different type hangers and would let him tell me if they would work.

When we finally arrived at pet food mom decided she would try different flavors of the dog food she buys her dog, because she had no choice. I grabbed some canned cat food for the colony and the inside princess. Then, it was on to find the rest of mom’s list. I took possession of the list early and managed to not do odd circling laps around the store looking for what she needed. One of the last things on her list was premade salads. But not with too much dark green. So there we stood, picking up and checking each sealed bowl for not too much dark green lettuce. Finally happy with what she had, we moved to find a check out line. When mom remembered she needed batteries. I asked her to stand where she was and let me go look. I found what she wanted and how many and headed back. I got us in a line and waited. The line beside us had customers but the light was out. Someone said that the checkout was open so mom wanted to move over there. Within minutes we found out that in truth she was closed, but she would take us as long as her register didn’t shut down. I placed all of mom’s purchases on the belt, a divider and then my few things. My mother had purchased two six packs of bottles of soda and a gallon of milk. I told the person they didn’t need to bag those items, I’d take them as is.

Once we were checked out and headed out of the store mom remembered that she meant to get grapes for dad. Well, we were headed for Sam’s Club, hopefully they will have some. I drover around to the store and let mom out close to the door while I parked. Then, as I walked toward the entrance I was ducking Jeeps as I walked.  I went in just to help her because she really wanted packages of bottled water. Two packages, of thirty bottles. I managed, but its not as easy as it once was. She also bought fruit. She found the grapes and bought two different kinds, and strawberries. I, who needed nothing going in, walked out with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas and peaches. But they will make some good smoothies.

As we stood in line waiting, someone came rushing up excited. Its been a long time since anyone has been excited to see me. I wasn’t sure at first what was happening. I had been one hundred percent focused on mom and wasn’t expecting this. I told them later that I now have a better understanding of how a celebrity may feel when they are suddenly recognized.

I got mom home and all her groceries inside. Driving home I got the mail from the box and headed for the house. I was tired.But, once again I had been able to help mom and make sure she was okay and had what she needed. And those peaches, they made a great smoothie.

Now, as I sit here contemplating the day, I am at peace. My son has hopefully repaired the shelf in the fridge. Supper is long over and the dogs are inside. I walked down to the pond this afternoon to see how it looked down there. The water is low, really low but all the weeds and grass really is in serious need of being cut. I played around taking a few photos while I was down there and then headed back to the house. Weather permitting, I may walk further tomorrow.

love my woods

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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