Two Years Ago Today


The following showed up in my social media memories. It seems like yesterday, and yet it seems as if I have always known these folks.

Day 228–

Storms gave me ugly wake up calls during the night, but what I heard was never severe so I would lie there and listen until I drifted back into sleep. Early conversations with mom were nice as always.

Then I actually cleaned my jeep. I vacuumed it out, I cleaned the dash, I even washed the thing. Between rain showers. James had kept after me about going to the Just Jeepin event in Stanley. I had another who was also –strongly encouraging–me. Even before I got up this morning, I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to go. But then the encourager had a counter point to my every point.

So at 3:30 I changed clothes, I picked up my bag and I headed for Stanley. I had no idea what I was going to do. If I were actually going to go, if I did stop, would I get out of the car, if I got out of the car– then what?

But I went, and I pulled in and I actually got out of the car. I walked over to the hotdog shack and spoke with a couple people who were nice, but then instead of just standing looking lost, I walked back to my car that I saw was parked poorly, so I fixed that. And sat in the car until it got too hot and I got out once again.

Then I was introduced to Larry and Karen who were beyond nice. I sat and chatted a bit, I listened a lot. It was obvious that these folks were friends. Then Lori and Jinks got there (friends of my son’s) and now mine, and we talked a good bit. I did stay the entire time. I enjoyed myself. I hope to attend another event in the future.

 Thank you my friend for being an encourager along with my son.

For now, I will call this day done. Time to call in the dogs, lock the doors and turn out the lights. Tomorrow, Lord willing, is another day.

May your night be quiet and filled with sweet dreams

be safe

be well

be blessed

know you are loved and prayed for.

That first gathering

I wrote that after my first Just Jeepin’ event. Obviously on that day I had no idea what I was getting into. I wanted to be a part of this group so badly and yet feared not actually fitting in since my Jeep was not a Wrangler. I was told it didn’t matter, that JEEP was plainly on the vehicle, it is a JEEP. All Jeeps are welcomed. Still…as one with anxiety issues, I did not want to drive up and be rejected. Rejection hurts. But as you read, I took that deep breath, I pushed those anxious thoughts aside, and I went. What I would learn going forward from this first time. A time where I walked up cold, with no one knowing this strange lady who was on the verge of panic. Something that as a general rule, I do not do. I am not comfortable being somewhere that I don’t know anyone. And yet, on that day, I was quickly and readily drawn into the family. Given a seat and being introduced to those already forming that family circle. When I left that day, I knew I had found something very special. Something I had been accepted into without exception and restrictions.

Duck traveling about representing St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Over the past two years I have been blessed with opportunities to take part in some very interesting and fun events. Ducking Jeeps and Star getting ducked. I’ve taken part in a few Jeep rides, with Jeeps stretching as far as one can see ahead and behind. I’ve been a part of raising money, food, toys, or other necessary items for those in need. So many events meant for charitable causes. There is a think blue line drive meant to honor and show support for a charity created in honor of an officer who was killed in the line of duty, where we were escorted and got a lot of attention.  There have been Jeep shows and gatherings such as a trunk or treat at a local fast food restaurant. There have been chili cook offs and events to help clean up areas and simply meeting to be able to be together. Drive bys have been done for those celebrating birthdays, home from hospital, or simply who wish to see Jeeps.

The one thing of which I have no doubt, this is not just another Jeep group. It is a family. There have been issues, but when you get large groups of people with varying personalities, there will be. It is in the understanding on how to handle said issues that is important. The thing is, even though there are those days in which that demon anxiety wants to whisper discouraging things in my ear, there is always someone to prove them wrong. I am welcomed with hugs and smiles. My bright blue Jeep Compass was accepted from day one, celebrated when she got her name, Star and when the initial tattoos appeared. I know she will be celebrated when the remaining tattoos are placed, just as every Jeep is celebrated when they are named and their character shines forth. When I passed the group the other day in a Jeep ride I couldn’t take part in, their response as I passed going the other direction had me feeling a small part anyway. Waves, shouts, and blaring horns. I love this family, and I feel their love. In this group, even if and when we may annoy each other, there is still and always the love.

And how that has proven to be true.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to Two Years Ago Today

  1. John says:

    Such a great cause! Star is looking good.

  2. He was fine driving my Jeep, before I started with the stars. He thought it..less than masculine

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