Challenges of Grocery Run on a Saturday

I will be honest, I do not like shopping on Saturday.  Friday is the day which we usually go shopping but with mom just a couple days out of the hospital for a couple reasons that didn’t happen. I did take her on Friday to pick up the glucose monitor they want her to use. I won’t go into why it took so long to get it, I’ll just say that directions are important there Dr. She offered to sit down back in the shoe department and let me get my groceries but I vetoed that quickly. After she picked up the meter, we headed back to the Jeep.

On the way home it was obvious that a storm was coming up and it looked mean. I got her home just in time. I got her inside and then drove next door to my house as the rain began to fall. As the wind picked up I was more than glad that big Oak was down and no longer a worry. The storm lasted long enough that I wasn’t going back out.

Today, after putting it off for as long as possible, I finally gave in and headed out. I figured I would fill up the Jeep first. That didn’t happen. Vehicles were lined up in every direction. One trying to get in was blocking the road. When I had pulled around and saw the mess, I decided fuel could wait. But, so did I. The car blocking the road had me stopped. Two vehicles pulled around me as if they thought they were going to get by. Maybe they thought I was trying to get in the wrong way, jump ahead, break in line, who  knows. As it was they had to figure out a way to detour around the roadblock or set there as I was. When we finally got by the adventure was just beginning. I pulled up to an intersection in the shopping center and stopped. A car sped up from the main road, did a NASCAR burnout as they slid around the median and sped back toward the main road and away. And me without a working dash cam.

Carefully making my way through the intersection I headed for the store. I found a place to park quickly so I thought maybe it would not be too bad. It was bad. Weaving my way through and around people I managed to find almost everything I needed. I stuck carefully to my list. I still almost cried when the one checking me out hit total. But, we will eat, the critters will eat. That is what matters.

When I left there I thought I would drive by and see if the lines at the gas pumps were shorter. I still have just over a quarter of a tank but I don’t like letting it get below half a tank. Taking my place in line I waited. Before long I was fueling up the Jeep and preparing to head for home. When I pulled back out onto the main road I noticed flashing blue lights up ahead. Concern lead to excitement. It was the Jeep convoy that I knew was happening today, returning from Charlotte. Another one  that I wasn’t able to take part in, but my turn will come.  Since I was going in the opposite direction I stuck my hand out and waved crazily as I drove by. Like any named and tattooed Jeep, Star is recognizable. My waves were returned and horns were blowing. It was so cool.

As I waited at a traffic light, my mother called and wondered where I was. I love being able to pair the phone to the Jeep. Hands free y’all. She wondered where I was as my brother was there. I told her I was headed home and would be there soon. Famous last words. As I came up into the small town, I saw that a train was passing through. I took a side road and pulled out onto the road I needed further up from the tracks. As I took my place in line I saw two engines passing. Train engines in the middle of a train isn’t a good thing to see. I sat there for quite a while before the last rail car passed and the rails lifted for us to pass.

When I got home I saw my son was also home. I got him to help me get the groceries inside and asked him to put away the cold stuff so I could go see my brother. We were able to chat for a wile before he had to leave. I then made sure that mom was able to use the glucose meter before I headed home. Tired and ready for a cup of coffee and my chair.

While it was busy and frustrating, I am also glad that I have the money to buy groceries. That I have the mobility to go for them. That I realize, you just never know what might happen and who you may run into which makes a rough day so much better. I looked outside at one point this afternoon and noticed a dragonfly resting on the antenna on my Jeep. I love dragonfly, I always see them as a bit magical and a gift showing that everything will be fine..

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Challenges of Grocery Run on a Saturday

  1. John says:

    What a day you have had! I have done the same thing by taking a detour, hoping to get past the train faster, funny. Y’all and your critters will eat, God is good! Be well. ☺️

    • Well, not get by the train faster as it was already making its way through. Not sure this is going to make sense, as you come up the road I was traveling, you can see the tracks ahead. If you follow this road on around, it parallels with the tracks. This road meets with the road that crosses the tracks. If there is a train, you will get stuck at that stop sign for a while depending on how long the train was. But, if you see the train passing, there is a side road that will take you across to the main road at a point where you can fall into line on the main road and not be stuck waiting on traffic from both directions to clear. God is indeed good.

  2. Sheree says:

    Just one of those days!

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