August Third, If I Could Give a Gift

8-3, Day three of my month of birth.

If I could make a request for a gift, one not to hold tightly to self, but one to share, what sort of gift would I ask for on this day? I would ask, for respect for life. We have lost that in so many ways. I won’t dare try to list the reasons that the importance of life and respect for it has been lost, that is not as important as seeking ways to change current attitudes. To turn our thought processes from disrespect to respect, from disdain to appreciation, from apathy to empathy, from rejection to acceptance.

I would not be so naive as to think that life has always been perfect and all life respected for that is not the case. There has always been division and death. It seems more prevalent now, but maybe that is because information is so readily available creating copy cats. It may be, that there are those wanting to go out in a blaze of glory and choose devastating ways to bring that about. Many wanting their fifteen minutes of fame, seek it through heinous means because that is shared quicker and more broadly. Or so it seems. And yes, there are those with mental health issues who do things that are horrific and saddening.

I am pro life. I believe that life begins with conception. I am not going to get into a discussion on abortion here. While I understand that for health or other reasons a pregnancy must be ended, I would prefer that if I baby is not wanted, that they would be carried to term and then given for adoption.

I am pro life, children are precious– all children. It doesn’t matter race or nationality. It doesn’t matter whether they are the healthiest, the smartest, the best looking in appearance or if they are dealing with issues that come with challenges. Children are the real treasures of this life. They should be protected, not abused in any manner. They should be guarded from predators, even if the predator is family.

I am pro life. Our senior citizens are an amazing wealth of knowledge. They have already been through more than we may ever realize, they know more, they are able to handle more, give more, than we know. Even when their health may be failing, even if their mind is fading, they are important and precious.

I am pro life. No matter the age, no matter the place of birth, no mater the nationality or race, they are important. They carry a wealth of knowledge of where they are from that may be different, is different than where you may be. They can teach, they can help grow, they can help create a better way.

I am pro life. No matter what the profession they are in. Whether they are military, police, first responders. They are important and in need of respect. They may save your life one day.

I am pro life. I have been told that I am naive. I have been told that I still try to see the best in and believe in people, which is true. I see life as a flower garden and we are the flowers. We grow and bloom, each adding our own blend of color and beauty. A blending of colors that bring out the beauty in each other. The tall sheltering the low growing while the low growing offer strength and support to the tall. The brilliance in colors drawing in the hummingbird/music, bee/ strength, and butterfly/peace and even dance.

 I am pro life. I see the faults yes, but more importantly, I see the strengths and the potential strengths. I see those who are angry and greatly upset over things that are wrong, who may or may not go about seeking change in the right manner. I hear their cries and feel their pain. There are so many things that are happening, that should have never happened, but in the least, should have stopped long ago.

I am, pro life. All life. Every life. We need to learn how to return to respecting one another. We need to learn how to respect everyone with little exception. (I won’t go into those one simply cannot respect as that is not my focus here.) We need to learn that mass killings are not the way. We may have had a bad day, a bad experience, a difficult life even. That does not give anyone the right to harm another. Our personal growth and healing should not come at the expense of another.

How I wish, hope and pray, that we can find a way to return to respecting and valuing human life. How I long, for such a gift to receive and to share.

The above was originally written in 2019. I’ve added to and made a change or two along the way to accentuate and clarify.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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