Happy Birthday Dad


Happy birthday dad. Did you ever think you would reach the amazing age of ninety-three? Looking back over the years is always an amazing adventure while we stroll down memory lane and reminisce. I baked you a cake today only my second time making one from scratch so here’s hoping it turned out well. I love you dad, here is hoping for many more birthdays to come.

from 2020

Happy Birthday dad. There is no way that I could possibly share how special it is to have you as my dad. You taught me and Mike and Kevin so much. We learned how to fish, we learned responsibility, we learned that bird dogs are not pets no matter how much we tried to make them. You took us on wonderful family vacations from theme parks to fishing off the coast of Florida. We survived severe thunderstorms and alligators in the coves. You rescued me from that bull bat and you built our own family sized softball fields. How precious and great is your love. Happy Birthday Pops, here is hoping for many, many more.


I’m sitting here, listening to the sound of my son’s bike as he leaves out for work. Bella is stretched out on the floor beside me. That ever present cup of coffee close at hand. Today is different, today is a bit more special. Today, is my dad’s birthday. today, my dad is 90 years old.

The fact that he has reached this day a miracle in its own right. My dad has broken a family history. In the past, the male members of our family died young. My dad had a heart attack and by-pass surgery when James was two. My mother was very diligent in taking care of him and here we are. 90- wow. We are blessed.

What has he done in all of those years?

For a while he raised pointer bird dogs, beautiful dogs that we were reminded were not pets even as we treated them as such. I watched as he used various methods to train them, then I got to show the human side to them with lots of pets and love. With those dogs, we learned responsibility as once they were weaned, it was us who got to feed them.

Dad taught us to fish. As soon as we were able to hold a cane fishing pole, we were taken out to someone’s pond way out back of the cow pasture. We learned how to dig our own bait, bait our own hooks and even clean our catch. These lessons actually helped feed me at one time.

Dad taught us what being a responsible employee was. He worked and he worked hard. He was there. We were taught, if you are going to have a job–be there. Be there, be on time, be a good worker, one that your employer would appreciate.

Dad taught us the truth of if you build it they will come. He cleared a section of yard off to the side of the house and we built a make do softball field. And they came. Neighbors we knew and some we didn’t and we had a blast. Even though we ended up chasing that ball down the hill many times. Even when the ball would veer off into the weeds, we loved it. The games would last deep into the evening, to the point when you couldn’t see any longer and had no choice to call the game.

Dad taught us you can actually watch two different television sport events, while listening to the radio and know exactly what is going on with each event.

Vacation were always an adventure, at one a severe storm came up where a sheet of tin was blown against power lines knocking the power out. Once, when coming in from being out in a small boat near the ocean there in the cove was a huge alligator just lurking.

My dad, has shown a great love for (not only) my son. He teases and taunts and helps James to grow in his own sense of humor.My dad has always had a wild sense of humor that he passed on to me and my brothers, now our children are showing it well and passing it on down to their own children. James knows his grandparents and loves them deeply. It is a special love that is different than the love one has for their own parents and even partners.

My dad, has reached the amazing age of 90 years.I am so blessed that he is still here with us. Happy birthday dad, I love you much and wish for you many many more.


Today is my dad’s birthday. What all could one possibly have seen, heard and done in 86 years? One thing he has done is made some very special friends who treated him to cake this morning at the regular meeting of the liars club– wait– the teller of very tall tales- meeting this morning at Hardees.

I wonder how many miles he racked up driving between here and the Outer Banks for those fishing trips. How many pounds of fish were brought back for those great fish fries where family and friends gathered? If laughter could be measured on the Richter Scale it would put any earthquake to shame.

Dad taught us to fish. He taught us the patience required to fish, that has come in handy in other areas. He taught us by example that one has the responsibility to have a job, keep a job and take care of one’s family. But also that there is always room and time to play.

He passed on the weird sense of humor that can and does get us in trouble when others just don’t get it. When we all are together mom just sits back out of the way and watches the weirdness happen. (Of course being good parents we passed that same weird, wild and wacky sense of humor to our children)

We are blessed that dad has been with us for this long. With family history as it is, his longevity is special, has us grateful to have him with us.

I love you dad..

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad

  1. John says:

    Happy birthday to your father, Rebecca!

    • Thank you John. He was amazed anew about so many offering wishes. A good thing was that he has been able to reconnect with a friend he hadn’t heard from in a long while. A gift in itself.

  2. Blanca says:

    Happy birthday to your dad! Ninety-three years old is indeed an amazing age to reach.

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