How Rude and Yet..Not

True story from yesterday.

My mother’s dog was due for her rabies shot. The appointment was at two in the afternoon. Mom deliberately made it for that time because she knows I have become that person who doesn’t really get to moving until around lunch if I can get away with doing so.

At approximately twenty minutes before two, I drove down to mom’s and she and her dog, a shih tzu which is highly spoiled, got in the jeep. Of course I managed to get behind every slow vehicle between the house and the vet’s office but we still made it on time. After parking I walked around and got the dog while mom exited the car. The dog did not want to go in that building. I finally reached down and picked her up carrying her inside. After checking in, we took a seat and waited. As I was taking my seat, my phone began to ring. Seeing it was my son I tried to answer but the way I was holding the dog, I could not manage to hit that green dot just right. As soon as I was sitting, I called him back. He asked if I could bring him some caffeine and crackers. Sure, let me get the dog taken care of and I’d be there. We weren’t that far from where he worked so it wasn’t an issue.

When someone who was on the other side of the room was called back, mom’s dog was ready to follow them. I’m not sure why, but I managed to get her back with us. Mom has one of those retractable leashes which had allowed her to move so fast and far before being stopped. She was not happy. She showed her unhappiness by not wanting to go back when it became her turn.

All she was there for was the rabies shot so that was quickly handled and she was brought back out. While mom moved to pay, I took her dog outside in case she needed to use the doggy area. She refused to leave the doorway. She moved to peer in through the glass making sure mom hadn’t disappeared. I did finally get her to take advantage of the doggy zone but she immediately returned to her vigil by the door. I finally gave up and took her back inside. After making sure she had all the needed paperwork we prepared to leave.

I stopped at the first convenience store and finally in a full lack of  knowledge of what he wanted, grabbed two sodas and some crackers. While paying I found out that the lady ringing up my purchase had a daughter who did her the same way. Kindred spirits, we do find each other.

 Arriving where my son works I went to use the phone app in the car. Telling the car to call my son the voice tells me the usual. There are three names, say the number of the one you wish to call.  I said number two, the car immediately decides that isn’t who I want to speak with and starts calling an individual whose name is nothing like my son’s. I jump to end the call and try again. The car tells me to say the number of who I want to speak with. The moment I said number one, mom’s dog barked. The car said, “sorry, I didn’t get that, try again.” So, I go to try again. The minute I speak, mom’s dog starts barking. The car repeats, “Sorry, I didn’t get that, try again.” Okay. Again, as I try to speak, the dog starts barking. My car hung up on me.

I ended up just grabbing my phone out of my bag in the backseat and physically call my son. Of course since the phone is paired to the car the call went through the car. Not an issue, even though the car was rude. My son comes out, pets the dog, grabs the bag holding his drinks and snacks and after thanking me heads back inside.

I got mom and her dog home safely and then headed for the bank. I wanted to set up a temporary account for the gofundme for the colony. That way I can keep careful account of the money raised and spent on the colony. I want no doubts, no misunderstandings, no reasons to believe that the money raised went anywhere but to take care of the cats. Which I did get done. While I waited there was a family came in and needed to speak with the same individual that I did. They took seats and waited their turn. The conversation I could overhear was interesting and sad at the same time. The gentleman was elderly and I’m guessing it was either daughters or granddaughters who were with him. It is important that we held our elderly family. There are so many changes in everything that sometimes, they can be left not understanding what is going on around them. The ladies were very patient with him, the banker knew what he was facing but was so calm. The tellers had explained and helped all they could. I really like my bank. The ladies made the quiet comment that “he’s old” I told them my dad will be 93, they smiled and said, “so you understand” yes. yes I do. And I applaud them and the way they were taking care of him.

Life, this amazing adventure where we never know what awaits around the next bend

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to How Rude and Yet..Not

  1. John says:

    You had a very busy day! And a little frustrating too. God bless the family helping the elderly man, so sweet. ❤️ My third and final wife had a Shi Tzu, such a sweet dog but the dog named Zeus went with her. Grr.

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