Update on the Colony

I spoke with the gentleman from Friends of Feral Felines just a short time ago.

Out of the seven cats that were trapped, five were female. I had not bothered to determine the sex of any of them before. My son knew that his pick of the colony was male, but that was the only one we knew. Finding out that so many were female and knowing what that could have/ would have meant had we not stepped in has me breathing a sigh of relief.

The other male is Harmony, so tagged because they were harmonizing with Do in their desire to be released.

Right now I know that out back are the two adult females and two younger cats. That I have seen. The younger, one I think is female, not sure about the other. One of the adults had recently had a litter. Sadly I found the bodies of her babies after something had found them. Content to kill and let lie where they fell.  It broke my heart finding them, but I know that the female can be trapped and taken care of when he returns to trap again.

If all goes well, and nothing comes up he will be returning the seven on Friday. I hope that the part for my car comes in tomorrow so I will be here when he brings them back.

He will wait at least another week before returning to trap the remaining of the colony, to allow them more time to settle down from the initial trapping event.

I have also found out that there is a mother cat and two younger cats which appear to be her kittens, that are living behind my mother’s house. Her house is right beside mine. I will speak with Ray about trapping them while we are doing this so the cycle can be stopped for them as well.

I am so very thankful for everyone who has donated to help these cats. Whether you have used the gofundme or donated in person, I am grateful. It isn’t the cat’s fault, but it is my responsibility to care for them since they have made a home behind and under my house. Your help is humbling and shows the respect and love in your heart for these animals.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Update on the Colony

  1. John says:

    That’s so good, like I said before, you are doing a great thing, Rebecca! ❤️😻

  2. Five females? Yes, it’s definitely a relief that you were able to stop the cycle with so many of them at one time. Earlier this year, we had four females give birth within roughly a month and we had little furballs running all over the place. We’ve managed to trap and release two of those females, still trying to catch the other two. (Some of them are savvy about the traps and will not go near them; others don’t seem to learn anything, especially one of the boys we’ve already tended to who keeps trotting right into the cage every time. We just let him out and start again…)

    • That is what I am concerned about with the remaining. The two adults are as you said, savvy about the traps and I fear it will be a challenge with them. Thankfully the remaining seem to be staying close to the house. I was afraid the disappearance of so many at once would spook them and they’d disappear and be at risk. At least here they are safe.

  3. You are so kind to trap and take care of these cats, Rebecca. We had someone drop off a pregnant cat in our barn and by the time we discovered her, she had two kittens and had wandered up to your house. Working with a shelter, we trapped them, tamed the kittens, and found a home for all three. I can’t imagine doing that for a whole colony. You’re an angel. ❤

    • Living in a rural area it is a common occurrence for unfeeling people to dump animals. We’ve rescued many dogs and cats over the years. Before my husband died we dealt with many mother cats and their kittens, being blessed enough to find homes or help through rescue groups. But the colony is mostly feral and with three female having litters within days of each other, the colony basically exploded. Also being feral pretty much meant I was on my own as finding someone to adopt a tame kitten is difficult enough, especially during kitten season. A feral kitten that fears human touch, adoption isn’t happening. So we’ve worked on gaining their trust and thanks to the help of amazing friends, are getting them what they need to stop the cycle. I may be one of the main characters in this story, but I have an amazing support cast.

      • Our feral kittens (only the two) were about 10-12 weeks old, and we tamed them enough to pat them – but only while they ate. I’m hoping that their new family has made progress. Yes, preventing more kittens is often the best we can do. I still insist, you’re an angel even with a supporting cast of angels. ❤

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