Phase Two of Our Adventure, Day Three, The Day

I have no proper comprehension of how to pack well. I learned that on this leg of our adventure. When we went to Tennessee, I packed as if we were going to be there for months. On this, well, no. I did pack enough tank tops if I wanted to only wear red. Why I only packed red I have no idea. Why I didn’t realize I had only packed red, I have no idea. That meant purchasing one of those over priced tanks from a souvenir vendor. Well, I wanted it and the error in my packing made a good enough excuse.

As the sun came up Sunday morning and I awoke to a stuffy camper, the sky once again appeared somewhat overcast. Here we go again. The generator had again ran out of fuel during the night. As my son slowly awoke, he announced we were going shopping. Right after we stopped for breakfast. Which I was happy to hear as I needed coffee. Grabbing my clothing I retreated to the oh so small bathroom in the camper and changed. Happy to see that the nonreturnable tank did fit.

Within moments I was watching my son as he did what he had hoped to get out of doing. He was unhooking the camper from his car. Not that the hooking up and unhooking was that difficult, it was merely an inconvenience. After everything was done, we headed out for breakfast at a local Ihop. It has been years since I have eaten there so I was looking forward to this meal. Remembering the pancake place in Tennessee I refrained from pancakes and chose a more reasonable meal.The coffee was exactly what I needed though, it was hot, strong and flavorful. Still it was more than I could finish so with to go boxes and a cup, we paid and headed off to the not too far away big box store. If I had known we were going here, I might not have paid so much for the tank I was wearing and bought something here.

My son kept commenting on how old the cardboard displays of drivers were. Several of which weren’t even driving any longer. He bought a larger gas can, some tools he wanted and I purchased a cushion that I hoped would ease how hard that bleacher seat got and a bandana to help keep the sweat from pouring into my eyes. Sweat under contacts is incredibly painful. Back at the camper my son decided to go ahead and finally swap out the propane tank so he could keep the fridge working. Those luke warm drinks just were not cutting it for him after the race.

Once he had all the responsible camper owner responsibilities taken care of, we walked over to pay a visit to the fan zone. My son walked down the middle of the zone, barely glancing right and left as he twisted and turned his way through. At one point he stopped and told me that I didn’t have to follow him, I could look around he’d find me. I did start to wander away, but within moments he was there and ready to leave. I shrugged and fell in beside him. Leaving would prevent me from spending any more money.

Back at the camper we watched another Avenger movie while waiting for race time. Before leaving to return to the track I slathered on sunscreen, stuffed all I needed in my clear bag and grabbed my new cushion. Getting through the check in was relatively easy, no bag checks for me, no problem with metal detectors, I was good to go and raring to get there. As we headed for our seats I snagged a dry cooling towel the same as yesterday’s, but then I saw where they had different towels soaked in ice water and I asked for two of those. My son again acting disinterested but later did not refuse the towel offered to him. Our seats, were the same as the race the day before. Right there on the start finish line.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoyed the race. Even as I slowly baked. Even as the cushion proved to be little help. I enjoyed watching as the drivers battled back and forth for position. It was obvious that I was not alone in my choice of favored driver. Every time he took the lead the roar shook the stadium. When he won, I’m betting that sound was heard miles around. We hung around and waited for the worst of the crowd to dissipate and then headed back toward the camper. It was then I found out that we were going to the air bnb that the friends had rented for pizza.

Getting there was a maze of rights, lefts and straight ahead. Several of the road signs were not as visible as one would prefer and even with my son’s phone giving instructions, it added a degree of difficulty. The drive up to the house was interesting as it was a narrow, curving lane, nearly hidden among a heavy growth of trees. The inside of the house was amazing. I didn’t take a full tour, I was feeling the day’s activities and simply wanted to sit down. The pizza was good, the company was fun, but my son wanted to leave before it got dark so he could more easily find his way back. As we were preparing to leave, one of the friends was out front and discovered a snake. All but one of us piled out front to see the visitor. A long, beautiful, rat snake was showing us that this was in fact their residence and we were free to leave any time. It slithered from side to side, up on the porch and back and later even making its way up the side of brick wall in front of the house. It looked for all the world to be peering in the window as if to see if they had left yet.

Once we were back at the camper my son filled the generator, turned off the propane and made ready to settle in for the night. He turned on some movie which held no interest to me so I made my way to the confines of the bunk bed. Thankfully it would be the last time for a while. I love going with my son, but that bed.

My mother later told me that my dad made the comment that it looked as if I was beginning to really enjoy going to the races with my son. The races are fun, but the fact that my adult son, very much his own man, enjoys going places with me. I know in part he does this to get me out and away from the house. I know it bothers him how reclusive I have become. The fact that I spoke with so many people we did not know while on our adventure did not go unnoticed. Even though he didn’t want to hear all the details I learned about the man who was stabbed at the Tennessee campground, he was glad I was talking with people. I know that when the time comes and God puts the right person in his life to have his own family things will be very different. That is as it should be and I wouldn’t expect otherwise. Until then, I will be very thankful for his company, his help, and his trying to keep me from becoming to fixed in my solitude. I will also fully enjoy the adventure he helps bring into my life. A life fully blessed by God with the gift of this amazing man I call my son.

my son’s photo of Chase Elliott at the finish line
My son’s back as he jockies for position to get a photo

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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