Coming to Greater Understanding in The Journey of Life

It was full blown panic time.

Yesterday morning I was sleeping so well when I was awakened by Molly’s frantic barking. Molly sleeps in this room which is on the far side of the house from my bedroom. Why? Because she would want to play with Bella and that would mean no sleep for me. I get up and make my way to this room thinking Molly needed to go outside. I was wrong. Going outside was the last thing she wanted because as soon as I entered this room I heard the approaching thunder storm. I quickly gave Molly two of the calming hemp treats and gave Bella one as well. Not because she is afraid of the thunder, but because Molly annoys her to no end and she gets grumpy.

Thankfully here the storm wasn’t too bad and we did get a good rain. I also think the storm prevented the extreme heat that was predicted. It still got hot, just not melt you in your shoes hot. Today may be a different story though. There is a prediction of close to if not 100 degrees Fahrenheit, add the unbearable humidity and well, you have North Carolina summers.

I was going to try and see how long I could go without turning the central air conditioning on in the house, but poor Bella was miserable so I caved and turned it on. It is on a setting around seventy-eight degrees but that’s comfortable for us and cuts the humidity levels so both dogs are comfortable. It bugs my son though as now every time he enters the house I’m reminding him to close the doors that are usually left open.

I had planned on going to help change the church sign but the thunder storm delayed that to yesterday afternoon. My son even went up and helped us change it out. He got a good laugh when I somehow managed to hit my head on the sign. That’s what I get I guess for not watching where I was going. Thankfully only my pride was hurt and as I said, my son got a laugh. It would have been different had I actually been injured.

Before we went to change the sign to a new message a friend dropped by with a gift for the cats. She brought a nice supply of dry cat food. Her timing was perfect as the bag I had was getting low.  I can now use what is left of the bag I had for the official indoor cat (because she will not eat anything else) and feed the outside colony the gifted food. Which they appeared to really like the way they were eating. I do realize though that they are still somewhat feral and appreciate any food they get. Now I just have to figure out coming up with the money for my dog’s upcoming vet bill. They are due some vaccines that between the two of them is going to cost a pretty penny, but we’ll figure it out. Not having to buy cat food will help.

I know and am being constantly reminded, that God does take care of us and provide our needs. Yesterday afternoon I was gifted dry cat food for the cats. Last night as I was removing my rigid contacts (not the disposable) I dropped one. Well, it tried to escape I think. My son laughs at me because even now, years after having started wearing contacts, I sit down here at my desk. I place a white towel down over the desk. I get the contact solution and case and put them in place. Then, I carefully remove my contacts. Last night as I removed the right contact, it dropped from my eye, rolled across my hand, then down the towel and onto the floor…somewhere. I checked first, it was nowhere on my person. I removed the other contact placing it in the case, then very carefully stood and moved to get a flashlight. The contact was not on my chair so I lifted this large office chair and set it back out of the way. (On the dog bed but don’t tell them) I then got down on my knees and the light from the flashlight hit it right away, just off to the right of where my chair had been. I cleaned it and then placed it safely in the case. My son is always amazed when I can find them as they are very small.

I was very glad that the dogs were not in the room when that happened. I knew that it had to be in the room obviously, but I remembered not long after I started wearing contacts I dropped one in the room and could not find it anywhere. Almost a year later I found it. Since it was a rigid contact, all I had to do was soak it overnight in solution and it was fine. An extra..which I now have no idea where it may be hiding.

Next week about this time I will have spoken with a representative who will help me with my choices and get me signed up for medicare. After over two years, I will have some form(s) of insurance. I am three years over due for a mammogram which will be the first thing that happens once I am insured. I am grateful that in the time I have been uninsured, I have remained healthy. I’ve had minor accidents but nothing needing medical attention. That’s not bragging, that is acknowledging a blessing. This journey of life for me has its own degree of difficulty, but it isn’t anything that is unbearable or unendurable. I don’t travel alone. My son is helping me, my family is near by. I have wonderful friends. I have learned and continue to learn the difference between need and want. I have found a level of contentment that I never knew before. There are lonely moments, but those are usually short. There are moments of envy, but then I remember what I have and envy fades. I have the most important things, everything else is just fluff and glitter.

Those plates were full.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. I am quite sure I would have set the chair on my contact.

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